Inside NFR with Team McLeod

You see them run down the alley every night at the T&M but do you know what the contestants do between each round? Check in with us here to get a behind the scenes look at the 2014 National Finals Rodeo from the perspective of  #teammcleod!

7 Days Until Round 1: (Happy Thanksgiving!)

IMG_48285 Days Until Round 1:

All the packing is done and we are on the way to VEGAS! This year was easier to pack for mom because we kind of know what she will need for each day.

We had tons of help this year packing her trailer and PLENTY to pack in it! From enough boots for 10 nights (for Mom and Skye) to her saddles, clothes, Professional’s Choice saddle pads, Deuces Wild tack, and even Shorty’s Caboy Hats, we could barely shut the tack-room door! We finally pulled out of the driveway around 2pm loaded down with 4 people and 4 dogs in one truck:)

We love the team we have to help make this happen. Today we had Jonny, Dad, Mom, Lindsey, Ben, Jason Eagle, and Phillip Kenyon all helping load the trailer. I’m so excited to go this year knowing what to expect and planning for each night.This year will be tons of fun! Keep checking in for more posts and videos from Me, Lindsey, and Jenna!

~See you in Vegas,


4 Days until Round 1:

IMG_4865Today we woke up in Santa Rosa, New Mexico and headed to the nearest Cracker Barrel, which happened to be in Gallup, New Mexico. When we parked, two girls and their mom met up with us and we’re able to take a few pictures and get a autograph from Mommo. We can now do the coolest thing ever while going down the road– we can now, periodically, sign on to Mommo’s iPad and check on the horses in the trailer, thanks to Pro Vision Equine Digital Surveillance. It’s so cool!

Mommo in Williams, Arizona

Mommo in Williams, Arizona!

We passed two Indian trade posts before I finally convinced Ben to pull over and let me look around. We got a few pics and I was able to find an awesome Bracelet to match a ring I already had… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

We came to Williams, Arizona to stay at the fairgrounds tonight and there are exciting things in store for the morning!! I can’t give any details but I will let everyone know tomorrow! ! 😁😁

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3 Days until Round 1:

We started out our day with a fun, quick visit to the Grand Canyon (It’s HUGE!) before making our way back to Williams, Arizona where we loaded up the horses and headed to Las Vegas! I sat down with Mommo to have a quick chat about what she’s excited/worried/relieved about and what’s on her agenda for tomorrow!

2 Days until Round 1:


Mommo being interviewed this morning

Today was very busy! Mommo, along with all the other top 15 barrel racers, had a WPRA meeting at 7AM (so early!) After the meeting, Mommo was stopped for a quick interview before she got on for practice. Charlie Cole was able to join us during warm-up while she did some run-throughs on Skye and Disco. After practice, all of us loaded up to get food and ran into Lindsey. Just kidding– it was just a HUGE photo of Lindsey so we decided to jump out and take a picture of her!


We found Lindsey!

We had a few hours to relax and finally take the rest of our stuff up to our condo before getting ready for the back number ceremony held at the South Point Hotel. Mommo, Ben, Jon E, Charlie and I headed to the back number ceremony where Mommo looked SO cute rocking her new Tanner Mark Boots. Her back number this year is #23! The contestants also get a whole bunch of stuff during the back number ceremony, too– a whole duffel bag full!

Stay tuned for more fun things to come.

PS- if you have any questions for Mommo, ask using the hashtag #TeamMcLeod on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!




1 Day until Round 1:

Timageoday was a busy day. We got to sleep in later than normal which was really nice. we went to the arena for grand entry practice and check in around 11am …then it was an all day event! After practice, there were the event pics, Professional Choice pics and then getting all Mommo’s new Professional Choice pads and boots! We grabbed a bite to eat then took care of the horses. Skye bucked and played in the round pen today…she is ready!

Tonight was the Cinch party where mom was given an awesome Cruel Girl jacket with her name on it! It is so cute on her. We also met up with Johnny and Emily imageDudley of Deuces Wild Tack— they visited and gave us our Jessie Jewels jewelry that all of us girls will be wearing this next exciting 10 days! We are now off to check the horses then to the condo to rest up for tomorrow! It’s an exciting day ahead of us…

the SKYE is the limit!




 1st Round

Michele and Ally Hayes from Oxy-Gen at the WPRA Banquet!

After a long, late night drive for me, I finally got to our condo at 1:45am on Thursday morning and when Dad’s plane got here at 9:30 am, our whole family was finally in Vegas. Today, we had the WPRA 2014 Star Celebration where all the contestants receive their 2014 Qualifying saddles and awards are given out for the rodeos with the best ground in each circuit, the rising star award (given to a horse), and the horse with the most heart. At the end of the banquet, we picked up ALL the stuff that the contestants get from different vendors. The get anything from Back on Track quick wraps and a blanket, boots, and bags of grain. Good thing we had a ton of people with us!

After the banquet, we had just a few minutes of down time at the condo before Michele, Katelyn, Ben and Jon E had to go out to where we keep horses and start getting ready to head out to the T&M. While Michele was getting ready to head out, Lindsey and I made posters to take to the round 1. The rest  of our family headed out to the rodeo around 6pm, got to stop at the trailer to wish Michele good luck before heading to the stands.image

Talk about being nervous! We were sitting on the edge of our seats! However, as Skye does, she showed us all she was a rockstar and made a great run! After the rodeo, we all went to sushi at the South Point for Katelyn’s birthday followed by all of us just crashing. It was an eventful day and we could no longer keep our eyes open! Tomorrow, is another busy day with Michele signing autographs for Cruel Girl and Deuces Wild tack.

Also, make sure to vote for best dressed! Voting for each round is open until 3pm the next day.


 2nd – 5th Round

Ok so we’ve slacked on our posts lately. However, if you’ve kept up on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, you aren’t too out of the loop! It’s been wild, crazy, packed full days. On Sunday, Michele had signings to go to all morning so Katelyn, Lindsey, Dalton, Ben, Garett and I decided to take the day off and head to New York, New York where we tackled the roller coaster. It was fun and slightly terrifying so what did we do? We rode it again.

Monday, Michele had an early morning practice (6am comes very early) and while she and Katelyn were doing that and then going to autograph signings, I went to the nearest Michael’s craft store to pick up as much pink glitter as I could find. We then all met up at Cowboy Christmas to watch Michele on the Flint Rasmussen show, Outside the Barrel. We all came back to relax and take naps and glitterize Michele’s  Pink night clothes.

We don’t have to tell you how the rodeo went because you probably already know… IT WAS AWESOME! What a fantastic moment for Michele, Charlie & Jason, and our whole family! We are so proud of her & Skye!

After the rodeo, Michele was whisked away to FanFest to sign autographs for a little while before heading to the South Point for a little sushi, followed by the buckle presentation. It was really neat to sit behind the scenes at the buckle presentation and see all the elated winners and their families go up on stage and receive their awards! Afterwards, we were so exhausted from all the excitement that we barely had the energy to hit the elevator button to our condo! Thanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoy these pictures!