The George Zimmerman Trial: A Chronology The George Zimmerman Trial: A Chronology

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She also testified that the reference to cracker referred to "a pervert. The charges against Zimmerman do not make it a capital case. He clarified his statement that dispatchers do not give orders, but suggestions for the safety of the caller.

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She then looked out again and saw two people on the grass, with a neighbor outside with them who was asking if he should call There were a few similarities between the Zimmerman case and the Casey Anthony case. Jeantel testified that during the second call, Martin said a man was watching him, but that she did not think it was a "big idea.

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Bahadoor testified that she had previously known Zimmerman as a neighborhood watch person. She excludes testimony about fights Martin may have been involved in before the shooting, denies a request to have the jury travel to the crime scene, and orders that jurors will remain anonymous.

Serino said there was evidence to suggest that Zimmerman was still following Martin after the non-emergency dispatcher suggested that he not do so. Also inGeorge Zimmerman is arrested for shoving an undercover alcohol-control agent and has a restraining order issued against him at the request of his ex-fiancee.

April 30, Zimmerman waives his right to a Stand Your Local singles with herpes immunity hearing which, if successful, would have meant no criminal trial could proceed.

Manalo testified that Zimmerman told him that he was defending himself when he shot Martin. All of the alternates were white one male alternate has been described as possibly Hispanic. Martin was unarmed when he was killed, and his supporters have claimed that Zimmerman unfairly profiled him because he was African-American, and because he was wearing a hoodie.

March 20, State attorney Norm Wolfinger announces that a grand jury will be convened to investigate the death of Martin. Hide Caption 5 of 6 Photos: April 7, Zimmerman launches a website to raise funds for his defense.

On redirect, she said she had not been asked about the direction of movement previously, and had not come forward earlier because she did not want to be in the public eye. Lauer then muted the TV, and then immediately began to hear scuffling "like playing basketball on pavement"and the sound of shoes on pavement and grass.

However, according to News4Jax. She testified that people should err on the side of caution and make calls to police if they think something might be suspicious, and categorized "walking in the rain without a purpose" as something that could be suspicious.

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Physical copies of the album were released in November. In addition to stammering, verbal meandering and seeming unclear about his own words for the majority of the statement, he offered a knock-knock joke that fell flat, sealing the lackluster performance with shocked silence from the jury and courtroom, and forcing him to ask for laughs.

As the noises grew louder, he looked outside through his blinds. West asked her if she had heard the other calls and cries for help previously. Zimmerman also told Singleton that he got out of his car to find a street sign and to see where Martin was going.

Nakasone testified that someone who is familiar with voices can recognize those voices and identify them more easily than someone who is unfamiliar with the voices.

The George Zimmerman Trial: A Chronology

Specifically she said she did not hear anyone say "what are you following me for", or "what are you doing here". Smith testified that when he saw Zimmerman after the shooting, his backside was wet and had grass blades on it.

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The state then played several of his previous and non-emergency calls for the jury. The experts arrived at mixed conclusions.

July 12, Jury deliberations begin in the Zimmerman trial.

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He said that rather than seeking to have the charges dropped based on Stand Your Ground-law immunity, the defense team would ask at the pretrial hearing that the case be dismissed on the basis of immunity from prosecution provided for in traditional self-defense cases.

July 5, The Zimmerman defense team begins presenting its case to the jury. She said that her ability to hear the yells in person was better than the ability to hear them on the recordings.

When it is over, Martin is dead, having been shot in the chest, and Zimmerman has head injuries and cuts.

She said the sounds were coming from the left north outside her window. Smith said that after Zimmerman had his gun taken away and was handcuffed, he told Smith that "he was yelling for help and nobody would come help him. Iafrica Dating Site " Meowingtons trademark dispute.

In NovemberZimmerman is issued a license to carry a firearm. He could not hear any pounding or hitting, but did see "downward arm motion, multiple times" that "looked like punches" from the person on top.

George Zimmerman Trial: Was Prosecution Witness Credible?

Of this approximately 19 seconds was actual screaming, of which 3. On cross-examination, Nakasone testified that there can be significant listener bias which can impact the reliability of "familiar voice recognition", introduced by having multiple people attempting to identify a voice together.

Neither side ended up with their ideal jury, the impact of which remains to be seen.

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MacDonald testified that billing records round the length of call up to the next highest minute, but that other records break calls to the second. Zimmerman has claimed he acted in self-defense, alleging that Martin slammed his head against the sidewalk, and punched him in the face. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

On June 20, the media outlet reported: Nelson then read to the jury the strict definition of justifiable homicide that they must consider during deliberations. She "liked" the Justice4Trayvon Facebook page and signed the Change.

Manalo could not tell which person was screaming for help.

He heard a "help" from the person on the bottom, and Good said "cut it out", and that he was going to call On cross-examination, West asked her the methods she used to look for blood on the scene, and the timing of the collection of evidence. Livingston also testified that she treated Zimmerman at the scene, who had a swollen, bleeding nose and two cuts on the back of his head.

She said that during the argument, the "loud" voice initiated, and a "meek" voice replying. The incident is reported to police, but the other driver declines to press charges. After her call, she heard talking outside, and someone saying "Take my gun".

Manalo said as soon as he saw Zimmerman, he started explaining what happened. That voice just came and hit me. They claim Zimmerman acted like a vigilante and should be punished for the alleged murder. Hide Caption 9 of 47 Photos: Manalo also testified that after police arrived, Zimmerman asked him to call his wife and "tell her I shot someone.

Dorival testified that she attempted to recruit Zimmerman as a " Citizen on Patrol ", but that he refused.

July 19, President Obama speaks about the trial and race relations in America in a twenty-minute speech at the White House. She reiterated that it was too dark to see which participant was which, or what positions they were in.

June 20, An all-female six-person jury is selected.

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Why on earth — Trayvon did not know. But during the Zimmerman trial, and the time leading up to the trial, Casey Anthony was in contact with George Zimmerman — offering support and advice.