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Allowances must be made for overturned strata, etc.

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Evolution, working in tandem with geologic ages, can explain why we have index fossils, but evolution is not needed to make the index fossils useful for dating strata. And, when you consider that each period can qual exame detecta herpes dating be divided into "upper, middle, and lower," the odds of arranging them in the correct order by pure chance become astronomical.

Being ancient, the C content has long since decayed away and that makes it useful in "zeroing" laboratory instruments. At the very least we would expect random fluctuations if the radiometric methods were totally at sea.

It contains the record of the first reptiles, etc. In other words, if our entire solar system were made of uranium the quantity young professor dating students not even begin to suffice. In case you missed the point, that means the radiation would have been billions of times more concentrated than today!

Another possibility is erosion.

How Good are those Young-Earth Arguments: Geologic Column

A similar find exists off the coast of Japan where remnants of a forest of willows and alders are found in 70 feet of water. John Woodmorappe, a young-earth creationist, has admitted that representative strata from the Cambrian to the Tertiary have been discovered lying in their proper order in Iran, by the Caspian, the Himalayas, Indonesia, Australia, North Africa, Canada, South America, Japan, Mexico, and the Philippines!

That is, an index fossil corresponded to a very specific point in the geologic column. Many creationists say that the radioactive decay rates were once much greater than they are today.

Again, missing strata present no problem for geologists. Only then did the inner rock cool enough so that those crystals finally formed.

Continuing volcanic eruptions over a period of years dead trees last a long time! The geologic column is an ideal, complete, chronological reference frame that defines the status of those strata having more or less a worldwide distribution or correlation in time.

The ratio between tiny amounts of radioactive elements and their decay products have this uncanny ability to determine which strata a rock will appear in!

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Andrew MacRae deals with claims that the geologic column is just circular reasoning. In summary of these latter points, radiometric dating has passed a severe test whereas young-earth creationism flounders, in hopeless knots, on the basic facts of the geologic record.

Given enough time, erosion will strip away exposed strata. Radiometric dating would later confirm the relative ages of the strata and tie them to absolute dates. Why should the percentage of lead to uranium in zircon crystals the key to ordinary uranium-lead, radiometric dating depend on which geologic period they are found in?

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Thus, we have a mystery. In this case, volcanic ash has partially buried a forest whose trees are mostly reduced to broken-off stumps stripped of their branches.

Hovind is confusing the carbon "clock" with other radiometric "clocks. No one expects that every one of those students will show up for a particular dance!

Any kind of object clearly restricted to a specific point in the geologic column would do just fine. The strata associated with polystrate fossils invariably show evidence of relatively rapid deposition.

To the contrary, their radiometric age is in good agreement with the strata in which they were formed. The radioactive decay rate must have been dropping fast!

As to the foot whale, standing on its tail, which was found by the GREFCO Corporation near Lompoc, that being an outstanding example of a polystrate fossil, you may rest assured that geologists do not assume that it remained on its tail until slowly buried by diatoms! The depth of burial, itself, has little to do with our mystery.

Hovind means fossils which cross several strata. The fossil was buried by the same kind of diatomites that accumulated in deep bays and basins along the Pacific Coast during Miocene times. The taller stumps poke out above the alluvial mud.

Phone conversation between Edward Babinski and Glenn Morton, as relayed to me. Before the discovery of rapid, submarine sediment flows the circumstances under which these animals were buried was very much a mystery Has it occurred to you that the thick strata now being formed in the oceans off our coasts are not forming on the mainland?

Even creationists realize that time is the only answer, but they give that answer a strange twist. Large parts of Canada have been, with the help of glaciers, stripped all the way down to the Precambrian rock!

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Obviously, even Lyell was not pushing evolution at the time. Wonderly,pages 56,58 Thus, the mystery of Lompoc poses no problems for standard-brand geology. Thus, even the tailor-made assumptions, to which a few desperate creationists might be inclined, come to naught.

Morton, a professional geophysicist, has reported that portions of Alaska also contain strata representing all these geologic periods lying in their exact textbook order.

How Good Are Those Young-Earth Arguments?

Hovind is simply wrong in his claim that no place on Earth has a full set of representative strata. Based on the present decay rate of U, the Cambrian period began about million years ago.

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Creationists, on the other hand, must explain to us how sediment and rock laid down in a mere year can yield such fantastic, orderly differences in radiometric ages. So, the geologic column definitely does exist!

If we should forget ourselves and let this point slide, we still have all that radiation being released in a fraction of a year, radiation that conventional geology attributes to billions of years!

Thus, we have one cause of our missing strata, namely that it might not have been laid down in the first place! For instance, there are many boundaries unconformities in the geologic strata that exhibit a sharp change in radiometric age.

At this point in time they were simply a useful tool for correlating rock formations.

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None of these charges amount to a hill of discarded beans. In some parts of the world the Cretaceous is found deeper than is the Cambrian in other parts of the world.

As the last sediments were laid down near the end of the year-long flood, that rate must have all but stopped compared to its primordial speed. That involves a lot more work than conjuring up interesting pictures and local stories accompanied by much speculation.

Such was the age of the great creationist geologists! That is, their uranium should show almost no decay at all. See Topic A1 for claims of bad dates. They show a photo of the Yahtse River area in Alaska, which depicts a number of upright, broken-off stumps stripped of most of their branches.

We might imagine a radioactive decay rate that was extremely high in the uncertain past, one that has dropped to normal values via some sensible curve. It was found that certain fossils, now referred to as index fossils, were restricted to a narrow zone of strata.