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A quick offline Swedish dictionary, Dictionary and Glossary lexin2. Do not you understand? Das muss nicht mehr sein.

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That must not be. The entertainment value does not remain in this app on the track! Recently Updated Apps It is marked with a raised second place in front of the word see examples below Height above. When teenagers would like to chat with each other, you see only the station?

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The youth slang lexicon helps you, the Youth of today and to understand their incomprehensible speech, because the extraordinary slang of today you understand with any dictionary more.

Peinlich, mit unserer App wird dir so ein Fauxpas nicht mehr passieren! With more than translations, we bring you the language of today closer.

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This means that the pronunciation entries are only available for Swedish words. Locate in the clear menu the word where you despair, click on it and you automatically get the High German meaning of the word is displayed.

"bosniska" English translation

Then just write us an email, we look and any feedback! Bitryck the compositions can be inferred from the length of the selection. Damit wirst du dir den Respekt holen, den die Jugend von heute nicht mehr hat!

Words are to be followed by an alternative form usually have the same pronunciation but different spelling, e.


Because who says nowadays still smoking if you look at the "Brown lung" can? Designations such as "flatrate blabber", "Retired Bravo" "or" Pisa victims "do you like most? Here there "level Limbo" even youth word of the year has been announced.

Throw the Duden off, and adjust yourself to the young people of today! Note that the pronunciation and bending applies spreads the word rather than the alternative form.

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Are you even still youthful, so you can enlarge your vocabulary, to natural and simultaneously cool occur with new spells can use this translation tool.

Then simply choose the random function and you are in turn the most blatant expressions of Youth presented.

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This tool is therefore designed for everyone, young or old! In addition to the lookup word dictionaries contain information on pronunciation, inflection, word classes and translation.


Usually, there is also the grammar comments, glossary, style comments, factual content, grammatical constructions and language example. A trip advice dating visit offline Swedish dictionary, Dictionary and Glossary lexin2.

This marking is primarily to shorten its paradigm indication and should not be viewed as a whole the split in composition leads.

Pressure The main pressure is marked by an apostrophe in front of the vowel in the stressed syllable, eg ABF [a: And even if you do not want to understand the youth, can be found here witty concepts to which you would so never occurred.

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Grave found in eg Buren to wear while the acute accent in the cage the cage. Der Unterhaltungswert bleibt bei dieser App nicht auf der Strecke! Embarrassing, with our app you a gaffe is not going to happen!

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Pronunciation Lexin was originally developed for use in immigrant education, ie of people to learn Swedish. Then they keep in the Favorites list our app firmly and hau the next time the guys and girls clique so the stool. Or you knew that a man who the "Scrappage bonus" gets in peace relates his pension?

Find Love - Online dating sites in Sweden - find singles and friends. The superconducting dental available in some dialects marked with an over stroke during the two segments, eg table [stay: Translate the description back to German Germany Translate Wenn Jugendliche sich miteinander unterhalten, verstehst du nur noch Bahnhof?

Uppslagsord consisting of compounds are separated by vertical bars.