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Founder William Mitchell, whose original restaurant was across the street on the north side of Jackson Boulevard, named his startup after his son Lou, who worked with other family members helping to run the restaurant.

The restaurant had little reputation byand was primarily known for its pork chops, seafood, and steaks, and as one of the few D. A series of lawsuits, petitions, and intervention by city and federal officials occurred. Apparently the story has some truth to it, though the episode occurred elsewhere.

This cheeky little name started appearing on maps as early as Overshot No self-respecting town in olden times could long survive without a nearby mill or two, and the water-powered sawmill in question apparently overshot or hung over a small stream in Towanda Township, part of Bradford County.

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The fair introduced several firsts, including Cracker Jacks, Aunt Jemima syrup, diet soda, and Pabst beer. Fortunately the tot was what happened to old 106 and park hosts dating under the rubble an hour later -- laughing like nothing ever happened.

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Quite literally, Mann was out-standing in his field. Inscription on the back in German: All were greatly impressed, it is flirting prank gone wrong, by the beauty and extent of the plain. If only Sally Ann and Elizabeth corresponded over the years and compared notes, we might have quite a steamy romance novel on our hands.

Downtown is also the site of the Atlanta Betterment Fest, not to be missed each summer. Scroll down for a report on that. This association created an atmosphere of trust for commercial and recreational travelers of the day.

Between April and Aprilthe restaurant paid its sales tax in only six of months. One, they agreed to the breakoff and formation of Wyoming County, centered around Tunkhannock, throwing as it were a bone to folks clamoring for more self rule.

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Note that in when Lackawanna County became a separate entity from Luzerne County, some local businessmen in Wilkes-Borough were so incensed that they stopped talking to their associates in the Scranton area for years to come.

Slippery Rock There are several versions of the "Slippery Rock" saga, so take your pick. Like other small entrepreneurs of the time, Sprague took a different approach.

Grantfeatures a ceiling mural by Carol Loeb. Note the image hanging on the wall on the right, depicting the original Ebbitt House.

Again, the interviewer asks if he is telling the truth and, again, the machine apparently records that he is. According to local legend, the Palms attracted its share of celebrities.

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To sweeten the deal, the women offered to teach him how to actually fry the chicken. Prospects for the formation of a new county called Lackawanna must have seemed doomed. Downstairs from the entry foyer is the Cabinet Room, a dining room available for private events.

Located in the Johnstown area. However, Zion was often used as a catch-all term for the entire city of Jerusalem and often for the land of Israel as a whole.

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However, other people insist that the correct origin is a corruption of the Munsee word schigi-hanna, which means "fine stream," and this explanation does seem plausible. With bug-eyed headlights, wheels with spokes, wide running boards, and an extra tire mounted on the back, the Chryslers were chunky, squarish cars, much like early Fords.

The name is an acronym for Borough of Slovenska Naroda Podporna Jednota Slovene National Benefit Societywhich provides group insurance coverage and other benefits to its members. This popular explanation has yet to be confirmed, apparently, and a good lawyer could start off by asking, "If it were named for Russian immigrants, where are some artifacts, some conclusive evidence?

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It was originally owned and built by David Burns whose plantation had covered much of the downtown area that would be developed as Washington, D. It was also a hotbed of activity for the Molly Maguires.

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Upstairs, a spacious apartment, complete with a sun room over the gas pump canopy, housed Sprague and his family. Once the backwards switcheroo is complete, the Gulcho-O-Centric mindset then likes to remove the Scranton element altogether.

Leather Corner The name comes from a pre-Revolutionary inn that was eventually called the Leather Corner Post, or so it is said.

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Livingston County has plans to develop the site for public use as a park. The kitchen featured a special charcoal-burning grill, and the wine cellar featured a Cruvinet wine dispensing system. Mehoopany Referred to as "Hoppeny" as far back asthe name means "place of wild potatoes.

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The historic headquarters is vacant today, but remains an important local landmark. Eastern Sheshequin is still known by the locals as Ghent, taken from the town in Belgium where the famous treaty ended the War of The station was vacant for part of World War II when gasoline and repair parts were scarce.

Although originally a four-hour, all-you-can eat and drink event held on one day, by Oyster Riot had expanded to a three-hour event held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Nuangola Possibly means "people of the north.

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The office space was enlarged. Flood also had a history of tying obscure riders onto House bills, practically in the middle of the night when no one was looking.