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But I think dissatisfaction with cultural belonging also creates particular distress for Asian Americans. Asian American Pessimism Asian Americans have been found to be more pessimistic than Whites, while also sharing similar levels of optimism with Whites Chang, But pessimism colors expectations and reactions, again priming some Asian Americans to place a negative filter on the world, and fueling critique.

But Asian Americans and Caucasians share many similarities in the personality traits predicting subjective well-being. Part II of a two part series.

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Also, our needs for relationship, loveknowledge and wisdom. Many families have experienced war, revolution, and refugee experiences, as well as immigration, economic hardship, and discrimination — on top of the challenges of physical and mental health, and relational trauma within families.

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Thao found that family life stress outweighed acculturative stress in producing depressive symptoms in Vietnamese women who immigrated to South Korea for marriage Thao, Conflicts might be suppressed or silenced in an effort to maintain face or not disturb relationships or status, and suppressed conflicts do not typically promote subjective well-being.

In both South Asians and East Asians, satisfaction with relationships is positively correlated with subjective well-being Galinha et al, Even if personally unaffected by these traumas, members of these groups can be concerned and bear emotional weight and concern for the traumatized.

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Asian American belonging concerns propel online anger at representation There may be a common pathway to the dissatisfied streak that gets expressed online. Transcendence in the Age of Social Networks.

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Witness the Tiger Mother phenomenon of high levels of critique of children. Belonging remains elusive for many Asian Americans, yet is vital for mental health.

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The more we can give these to each other, the better off we will all be. Social media helps perhaps with the former, but less so with the latter. This pessimism is postulated to have some positive adaptive effects, in motivating pessimists to work harder to achieve their goals. Traumatic experiences can also forge group identity, similarly elevating belonging concerns.

And when it does work, it feels really, really good.

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Agreeablenessconscientiousnessextraversionand low neuroticism are all correlated with subjective well-being and satisfaction with friendships for both groups, for example. A movie like Crazy Rich Asians is a great place to continue forging those understandings and bonds across cultures.

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Pessimism can also lower expectations, keeping one grounded and attuned to the work that needs to be done to deliver success. See Part I here. In the individualistic American context, many people complain of disconnection and loneliness.

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Trauma can shatter the self, and demands relational healing — so belonging concerns are elevated. My personal view is that our liberation as Asian Americans, and liberation of our feelings, including joy, depends both on comfort with our voices and a sense of belonging.

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There is certainly a great deal of diversity in Asian America, so none of these ideas should be considered representative or stereotypical. Actual experiences of belonging and acceptance are antidotes for us — along with heaps and heaps of self-compassionrelationship and therapyby the way — making Crazy Rich Asians medicine for our community.

I have seen this occur with mental health issues, addictiongender orientation, and other relational conflicts in Asian American families, though silencing clearly occurs in the broader culture as well.

See you at the movies!

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There can be significant intergenerational trauma in Asian Americans, coupled with experiences of discriminatory trauma. Low neuroticism is a better predictor of subjective well-being in the West, although satisfaction with relationships produces happiness for most of us.

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Is this vision even attainable?