French Martini recipe French Martini recipe

Vodka flirtini recipe with chambord, featured wines

My favorite posted by Tracie It was so good, I had 3!

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Gay martini posted by Gillian McLean I am not a big vodka fan myself, but this was the best drink ever!!!! A chilled glass is a must, I keep my martini glasses in the freezer ready to go!

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French Martini posted by Jennifer French Martini posted by ali It makes it even smoother and tastier. I prefer balance, I like to taste the Vodka too not just the sweetness of the pineapple juice and Chambord. French martini with cream posted by jasmin French martini posted by LAM Very pretty and always a winner with the girls!

French Martimi posted by karen Raz posted by onixbar And it looks pretty too! French martini posted by aly Maybe the variation and the fact it wont be pink will mean people will stop calling my boyfriend gay.

I have ordered at other bars and unfortunately most bartenders put in too much Chambord. Suggested prior to our sushi order I guess its a matter of preference Variation posted by Jen Get a fresh and pure taste of it!

Pink Martini posted by Sharon R Lillet posted by Dave French martini posted by Shannon We love these they are delicious, i know people who arent so keen on the raspberry liquer so grand marnier will be the next stop.

Put the chambord in the bottom of the glass and pour the mixture on top Garnish with a flag orange and cherry and you are good to go!!

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They topped it off with shaved chocolate. Being a chocolate lover, I think it was a great addition.

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Good Vodka is also a must - Pravda, Level 1, Chopin - my favorites. The Perfect French Martini posted by Kimberly I am going to go make one Add a dash of champagne and you are all set to go!

French Martini posted by Yo But if you like Rasberry, try making your martinis with a raspberry vodka, Chambord, Grand Marnier, pineapple and cranberry juice!

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Purple french posted by hutchybaby Best french martini recipe posted by jeri faye New york posted by NT2K Strain into a martini glass! This drink is good however it is so Not a very alcoholic drink, but it is delicious and our customers love it.

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French Martini posted by Connie I think the Grand Marnier is what did it. Get with de Original! French Martini done right posted by Gigi Pretty martini posted by experimental mixer Never ever stick a straw in or on the martini glass. Because of its density, Chambord naturally settles on the bottom.

French Martini recipe

Frenchie posted by Jamie E. They made it with Vanilla Vodka. Want to take it even one more step up?