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As with rectilinear projection, cylindrical projection has a vertical compression slider. When the compression is reduced slider is moved leftwards the projection morphs into rectilinear projection. Cylindrical projection therefore is mostly suitable for single row degree panoramas.


As with cylindrical and mercator projection, only vertical lines and the horizon line are projected as straight lines in equirectangular projection. Cylindrical This is the result of projecting the panoramic sphere onto the surface of a cylinder: Stereographic Stereographic projection is the projection of a sphere, as seen from the pole, onto a flat surface.

Any straight lines not through vedutismo arte yahoo dating center point of the panorama will become curved. Other than this, the properties are identical to cylindrical projection: These projections flirten funny cat suitable for tall vertical panoramas.

Stereographic projection has an additional compression parameter. About Projections A panorama, or in fact any photograph, is a flat representation of the scene around the camera.

There is no perfect panoramic projection; each projection has its own properties and limitations.

A fisheye view with reduced compression can be used as a compromise for wide angle rectilinear views: All vertical straight lines are preserved. Rectilinear projection has the unique property of preserving all straight lines: Essentially, a 3 dimensional world is projected on a flat surface.

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Vedutismo Named after an 18th century painting genre, this projection preserves all diagonal straight lines through the center of the panorama. Increasing vertical compression reduces the stretching effect near the top and bottom of the panorama.

Both projections give the same result, but circular output is cropped to a circle while fullframe output is cropped to a rectangle. For panoramas wider than degrees one of the other projections should be used: There are multiple ways to do this and therefore PTGui offers a wide choice of panoramic projections.

This is a good compromise between cylindrical and equirectangular projection and suitable for degree panoramas with a higher vertical field of view more than 90 degrees.

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At the default full compression the result is a true fisheye projection. All other straight lines including horizontal straight lines above or below the horizon are projected to a curved line in the panorama.

This makes it a suitable projection for architectural panoramas. The vertical field of view is limited to degrees. However due to the same property it is physically impossible to display panoramas wider or taller than degrees in rectilinear projection. It can be used to display panoramas with a horizontal field of view of up to degrees, although vertical stretching occurs at the left and right edges of the panorama for very wide panoramas.

All other lines become curved.

At full vertical compression the result equals Equirectangular projection. The desired projection is selected in PTGui using the projection buttons in the Panorama Editor, or by selecting the desired projection from a list in the Panorama Settings tab in the main window.

A compression setting is available for this projection.

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At higher field of view, stretching becomes apparent in the sides and corners of the image. At maximum compression the result is a true stereographic projection; reducing the compression moves the viewpoint from the pole into the center of the sphere, effectively morphing the view into a rectilinear projection.

PTGui supports the following panoramic projections: In the vertical direction the projection behaves similar to rectilinear: The Transverse Vedutismo projection has the same properties but is limited to degrees horizontally and degrees vertically and could be used for tall vertical panoramas.

Horizontal and vertical lines are still preserved as straight but diagonal lines become curved when compression is used.

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Transverse Cylindrical, Mercator and Equirectangular These projections are equal to Cylindrical, Mercator and Equirectangular, respectively, but rotated 90 degrees.

It is the projection our eyes are used to, the projection of a normal camera: