Report: Savings from school district consolidation not as great as thought | The Wichita Eagle Report: Savings from school district consolidation not as great as thought | The Wichita Eagle

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Schools with lower enrollment — less than 1, students districtwide —get additional state money. When districts with few students combine, for example, they could lose state funding for districts with low enrollments if such incentives were not available.

Legislators say they have no immediate plans to force consolidations on districts. Most of the savings for the state would come from making fewer payments for low-enrollment districts, the audit stated.

His mother was a school board member and she received threats, he said.

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The Kansas State Board of Education approved requests last week from four districts to merge into two. The most recent Legislative Division of Post Audit report could be used against consolidation as a cost-saving measure, said Rep.

In one scenario, the Remington-Whitewater district would be combined with the Towanda-based Circle district, leaving the smaller student Remington High School most vulnerable to closing. The Remington-Whitewater district encompasses square miles, and it buses 80 percent of its students.

John Grange, R-El Dorado. That does not include the potential short-term expense of merging school districts. In Renwick and Cheney, the superintendents said none of the existing high schools — Andale, Garden Plain and Cheney — is big enough to absorb students from the other two.

The high school had 26 students graduate last year, and the district has only six kindergartners this year. The last time Kansas school districts were mandated to consolidate was in the construye tu ciudad online dating, slashing the number from almost 2, to about Since then the state has commissioned studies on school consolidation, but so far districts can only combine voluntarily with the approval of voters.

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Walker said Rock Hills has the maximum allowed in its contingency fund. Closing schools would mean the remaining schools would need to add classrooms to accommodate more students. The consolidations must still be approved by voters in those districts on April 6. We want our kids to have choices.

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Some students in the Renwick district, which covers square miles, already spend an hour on the bus, he said. Another possible consolidation in the audit is the Renwick and Cheney districts in western Sedgwick County, which would close two of the three high schools in those districts and one of the four elementary schools.

Voters in overwhelmingly trounced a proposal for a bond issue that would have financed a new centralized high school in the district.

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Among other incentives, consolidated districts receive state funding as if they were separate districts for the first three years, ensuring a relatively stable source of revenue. The report suggested the state provide districts money for new construction. By comparison, the urban Wichita district — the largest in the state at roughly 50, students — is square miles and provides busing to less than half its students.

Dan Kerschen, R-Garden Plain, thought people would react negatively to being told to consolidate districts. Claflin superintendent Jane Oeser, whose district would merge with Lorraine, said declining enrollment and dwindling state funds led to the consolidation proposal.

Voters approved the consolidation 82 percent to 18 percent. Adding the Cheney district would require adding buses and routes, which also would add costs, Peters said. People identify with their schools and have shown support for them by approving bond issues, he said.

Her district has been losing students for at least 10 years, she said.

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The removal of a large employer might be the last string for some businesses. Her father is a school board member. No one covers what is happening in our community better than we do.

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Order Reprint of this Story February 14, Courtney is now student council president, just as her mother was, and she will graduate this year with roughly 45 other students. One school was closed, and six staff positions were cut, but he said the consolidation saved just enough to keep the districts afloat.

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It would hurt the businesses. Schools often are the top employers in small towns, said Remington-Whitewater superintendent Jim Regier. Even closing one of the elementary schools in the two districts would cause pain, said Tom Almstrom, superintendent of the student Cheney district.

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Combining high schools would reduce the number of students who could participate on athletic teams and in drama, debate, cheerleading and other activities, residents said. Don Jaax, a veterinarian in Andale, said the town "just about had bloodlettings" at the time.

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All facilities would be kept open the first year while the matter is studied. Several have been in rural northeast Kansas, where enrollments have fallen rapidly with the total population.