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Touhou dating sim,

The lack of information can create incorrect characters. Anything that can be shown on daytime US TV e.

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Yuuka as well and many of touhou dating sim take Yuuka as Sadist from a few of her quotes, though oddly no one seemed to pick up the fact that Yuuka lies a lot. Danielle decker jason mraz dating a rehost in the comments is recommended touhou dating sim optional.

Its kinda funny XD even with H dating sims i find my self skipping past the H scenes juwst to see what happens next in the story hahaha XD Yar but if someone can make an awesome Touhou sims then that be awesome, but I highly doubt it.

Use the search function to prevent reposting things that are relatively new, i. Use that, or we will call you a donkey.

Danbooru or any other "booru" is NOT a source. Mobile users can put the flair right in the title if you already know your category e. Back to Top Post by Hiriko on Feb 17, 8: Also, personally I like dating sims with a deep story and characters. For all other kinds of posts, you are allowed to post a rehost as your content, but you still need to provide the source in the comments.

Outright sexual content for the sake of itself Social-life-destroying sexual content e. There are also some specific exceptions to the Found Fanart sourcing rule that is, for Found Fanart, you can use a rehost as your post content if: But from her own actions, no.

So creating a Touhou dating sim would be very difficult, would most likely require ZUN on the development team to get anything done with personalities. So creating the personalities will be hectic. Hotlinking does NOT count as providing a source.

Which requires a circle with someone very deep into the lore. Its a bit shame i need English translations ; ; wish i could read Japanese.

Touhou dating sim. (Read 5,458 times)

And many dating sim have quite the character development sometimes, even if it is non-H. As a matter of courtesy, please flair your posts if you can.

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PMing a single mod delays response time. There is no need to be alarmed.

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Wonder if any good story driven ones came out to market. Possible exceptions to this rule are listed further down.

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If your post does not show up within 15 minutes, please message the mods. Do not discuss means of pirating Touhou games, fan games, music, etc.

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For Found Fanart posts including still images and animated gifsyou must post the source page as your content. Also some people are touchy about their fav touhous lol Unless you mean a simple dating sims, like a crappy flash one or something off of Newgrounds.

Take Tenshi for example, most fan will call her a Machoist. It is pretty hard to figure out the exact personality of each Touhou character, most of the time we are left with a very general or fanon based personality.