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Marcel cruelly tells Klaus that he is now king. But seeing as all of these vampires also hate Klaus, they may want to kill him instead of just leaving him locked up. Klaus must know of a way to defeat the new enemies.

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ET on The CW. Season 4 of The Originals beginnings on Friday night. Once awake, the Mikaelsons are likely going to head straight for New Orleans. Hayley has spent the last five years looking for a way to wake the Originals.

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In addition to freeing Klaus, they will probably want revenge against Marcel. And it appears that she has finally found a way. He has no idea that the newcomers will someday pose as threats.

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Comment After 10 months off the air, it is time to check back in with the Mikaelson family. Marcel has become magnanimous in accepting unsired vampires in the city.

There is a nuance, though, that he is there to ask for advice.

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Here are the details on how to watch online. Vincent is leading the witches, who are no longer afraid to practice their magic. Picking up five years after the events of the season 3 finale, New Orleans is now a very different place.

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The clip shows that she is not averse to killing people as long as she gets what she wants. Of course, that is not the only threat looming for Marcel and Vincent. It remains a mystery, though, if he will agree to help the one who betrayed him. He plans to invite all of the unsired vampires to his city, to revel in the fact that Klaus is locked up.

When Marcel bit him, Elijah could have died if Freya Riley Voelkel had not sent their souls to an alternate universe. Still need a vampire fix on Friday nights?


Meanwhile, Hayley Phoebe Tonkin is very close to getting the cure that will bring the rest of the Mikaelsons back to life. No matter how much Marcel hates Klaus, he cannot deny that the Original knows a lot about authority and control. He is still not free though as his hands are cuffed tightly while Marcel talks to him.

The Original looks weary and defeated, but the Tunde blade appears to be gone from his chest.

Claire Holt quits The Originals after only one season

In the teaser, she appears to be reviving Elijah Daniel Gillies. Concerned that the vampires will get the better of him, Marcel will seek counsel from someone unexpected.

Hayley will do everything to get her family back. In the episode titled "Gather Up the Killers," the synopsis reveals that Marcel is concerned about his status as the king of New Orleans.

It is not a stretch to assume that Marcel and Vincent will top that list.

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In fact, it is a time of peace for all of New Orleans. It has been five years since he took down the Mikaelsons and many things have changed in the city under his rule.

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