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This causes the family to be depressed and upset. Subhu is taken to the hospital and Ayya follows them. His friends drive out in two wheelers.


Ramma forgives him and he accepts her as his sister. She and Vadivu never easily get along and they always fight. Then Karthik kills Subhu by removing her oxygen cap but she is rescued by Naachiyar.

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Kulaskeran challenges to demolish Ayya and his family with upcoming master plans. Manimegalai also loves Selvakannan very much, but seeing his insistence on marrying Ganga and also knowing Ganga to be a very good person, she sacrifices her love for their happiness.

As the days go on they keep searching for Subhu but he is nowhere to be found and they plan to publish in the newspaper.

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She is taken to the hospital by Selvakannan as he was searching for her and found her on the ground with injuries. Selvakannan takes the baby to the hospital and put it where the twins were.

They were banished 30 years ago from the village for committing a crime.

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She keeps searching and analyzing what really happened with her mother. This angers her brother and he wants to take revenge on Aravindan. However, drunkard Ratnan comes to know and blackmails Selvakannan for ransom to keep the secret. The Goddess residing in this temple is very powerful because the people believe that when ground chili paste is rubbed on Her when they are in trouble, the Goddess will the punish the person who is at fault by setting the sinning person on fire.

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Ayya gets Subhu released from jail and goes to the hospital. They come and Ramma gives birth to a baby boy.

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Ayyaa won the case. Karthikeyan is knocked down by a member of the gang.

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Karthik rescues the mental brother and he gets to know from him that Subhu did not kill Aravindan. Ayya catches Vandana and her mother mixing poison in the food.

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All the doctors give up on him and tell the family that he will die in nine days, and no one can prevent it. Policemen arrest him and put him in jail. Kokila was his classmate and she refuses to let her husband know about the baby. They also hate her because of her false allegations against Selvakannan that he had married Vandana before he had married Ganga.

Kulaskeran takes his daughter to his house and leaves her there.

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He narrowly escapes, and Subhu also escapes somehow. However, Kulasharan has given him a bad idea, to rape Sharu. The doctor tells the bad news to Selvakannan only.

Selvakannan walks on that and comes out pure. Naachiyar loved the new mother and also loved her step-sister.

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Vetrimaran and Porselvi devise a plan to escape from JK, Vetrimaran sends through milk vendor adulterated milk which JK drinks and becomes unconscious. Ayya tells the family and they come to the hospital.

The dark secret is now revealed that Naachiyar is not the biological mother of Karthik and Saravanan. The next day, the public in the village find the dead body lying on the middle of the path and inform the police and Ayya.

Karthik is married to Ilavanji. She was at risk as were her unborn babies was.

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He call his wife to give the phone to Ayya to listen what is happening. Ganga is able to send him to jail for his folly and each time he comes out. Ilavanji begs Ayya to forgive him and Karthik thinks he can join the family if he does good for the family.

Kulasekharan even questioned Naachiyar about this.

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Therefore, he tries to get rid of Subbulakshmi, Ganga, Ramaa and Charu and banish them from the village. She ends to know where is her mother and gets injured by a gang. Shrideviand Charulatha or Charu Varnika.