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The Division One final had an average audience ofviewers. Many Irish-language programmes are also subtitled on teletext page in Irish. In TG4 won major critical acclaim for their political satirical comedy The Running Mate and for the programme Seacht which follows the lives of seven college students in Belfast.

TG4 have also supported many Irish filmmakers with their Lasair short film programme fund. Feirm Factor had 12 farmers competing with each other to see who was the best. Underdogs searched for the best amateur football team from groups of men and women with no previous experience in Minor or Senior GAA football.

This was firstly a non-ranking event, then became a ranking event. In TG4 commissioned Teenage Cics, their first youth drama.

TG4 regularly broadcast Westerns under the strand An Western. The two documentaries in question where co-funded from the Sound and Vision fund of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Nuacht TG4 - TG4 - Irish language television channel - TeilifĂ­s Gaeilge

This is what usually happens in sports coverage on TG4 where links to cameras, reports and commentary are usually in Irish and interviews and analysis in rugby, football and snooker are usually in English.

Twenty tg4 nuacht headlines for dating percent of afternoon television viewers on St.

Like other television tg4 nuacht headlines for dating TG4 achieves their highest viewing figures with sporting events. It would then be up to the mother or father to choose which suitor would go on a blind date with their son or daughter. Drama[ edit ] In the early years TG4 gained critical acclaim [43] for C.

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For certain programmes, a choice of subtitles in Irish and English is available. They continue to hold rights to the current series of True Blood and Vampire Diaries.

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Nello was another well received travel show looking at life in middle America. It was originally broadcast in early Some non-English-language films are also subtitled on teletext page in Irish.

TG4 provide their viewing figures each week on their website. They have a documentary strand called Cogar. It also acts as a chart request show and a launch pad for new and upcoming Irish bands.

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The second series of Feirm Factor was broadcast from January to March A shame, because there are great things happening in the area. This proved popular so now TG4 coverage begins with highlights until the final week of the tournament when live coverage begins. They also had a number of quiz shows, including 90 Seconds.

Burna comedy series about a Donegal undertakerand Glenn Ceo, a comedy about a small town Garda station in Donegal. Many of the Irish-language cartoons are subtitled on page for parents. It is a great resource and is encouraged by teacher.

Nuacht TG4 Air Dates

TG4 presents a number of six awards for Irish traditional music, celebrating and giving due recognition to the recordings, broadcasts and live performances of the recipients of the awards: Since the mids TG4 have provided coverage to Country and Western music. Understanding that the Gaelic civilisation to which they belong has disintegrated, the local community strive to protect and preserve their identity, as they come to the realization that if they themselves cannot save their village, perhaps they can save its heritage.

Cula 4 na N-Og began airing from Tennis[ edit ] TG4 broadcast exclusive Irish coverage of the Wimbledon championships tennis tournament. This series has poked fun at the Irish economic downturn and the effects on the promotion of the Irish language.

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TnaG provided airings of QVC during daytime hours. TG4 were the official broadcaster. TG4 previously held a long-term agreement with HBO to air the majority of their programmes on the channel. The audience would be introduced to the contestant looking for love and then to one of their parents generally the father of a male contestant and the mother of a female contestantthen introduced to three suitors.

In the early years of TnaG the channel broadcast many European programmes with Irish dubbing however this policy has since stopped in favour of US programming in English. TG4 broadcast their first supernatural thriller on 13 January They also provide live coverage of the Under 21 All-Ireland competitions and club competitions.

For more information check out www.

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InTG4 launched a new dating show called Pioc do Ride where contestants choose a date from three potential partners based only on their car. Imported programming[ edit ] TG4 broadcasts many popular US shows ranging from dramas to comedies. As many of these programs are subtitled in English, they are often popular with recent immigrant populations, who find spoken English very fast on Irish produced television, as well as native Irish speakers.

The new service is designed and managed by Nordic telecommunications company TeliaSonera. Often landing the top spot on their top ten shows, it has a regular audience ofviewers.

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In general however TG4 perceived that live action series aimed at adults re-dubbed into Irish was not an attractive proposition even for fluent Irish speakers, as is the cases for many bilingual northern European viewers.

Welsh television station S4C has started broadcasting their own version of the show incalled Fferm Ffactor. Film[ edit ] TG4 has a broad film policy which features a strong range of both independent and mainstream cinema.

In Autumnthe broadcaster started moving away from US imports instead focusing on successful European drama series from the Nordic countries. These are events which generally do not appeal to a mass audience, but have a reasonably loyal following.

According to TG4, the catch-up service has had 2 million downloads in a month period.