Every Ex-Boyfriend Taylor Swift Has Ever Written A Song About, Proving She's Psycho · Betches Every Ex-Boyfriend Taylor Swift Has Ever Written A Song About, Proving She's Psycho · Betches

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Longterm High School Boyfriend, he and Taylor dated for like, a very long time apparently.

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A lot of her fans are too lightweight in their musical knowledge to appreciate the complexity of this gem. The video is a must watch.

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It would be only A-lister for Taylor from here on out. Plus, Taylor stans say that a scarf featured in the music video is identical to one Swift wore on date with Jake.

It deserves to be in the Top 10! Taylor is a very good actor. According to MTV he was more into her than she was into him, he going everywhere he could to see her, but it was not working out.

Really, this is like her best song, the music video was good too. Again, this was her longterm high school boyfriend who may or may not be the only ex that Taylor Swift actually likes. The emotion and passion in it is extreemly intense, I believe Tylor Swift is truly human and has true compassion and love for humanity.

The song is so good, and this song makes you want to sing along and dance to it.

Taylor had also had two more years to grow her celebrity fuck list, which is why Red has pound for pound the most songs about the most celebs than any of her previous or later works. The music video itself is beautiful. Hard to tell who is more desperate here. Really great moving orchestral part in the background Its orchestral part is awesome!

I loved this from when it came out and then it disapered V 53 Comments 30 Begin Again One of her best, undoubtly. From July — OctoberTaylor decided to move away from celbrity A-listers to literal American royalty by dating a Kennedy, and she promptly fucked that relationship right up.

Every Ex-Boyfriend Taylor Swift Has Ever Written A Song About, Proving She’s Psycho

In the liner notes for this song every S A and M that are in order were capitalized because Taylor Swift is nothing if not a shady, shady bitch who lacks subtlety. This song is amazing.

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The lyrics is awesome and deep I have listened to it at least 50 times today. It is one of the rare songs that you do not get tired of even after listening to it many times. Better Than Revenge deserves so much more credit.

Taylor Swift’s Dating History: 11 Relationships And Their Corresponding Songs

The two broke up after reports that Taylor came on wayyyy too strong the prospect of being the next Jackie O was too much for Taylor to handle. The reality is just beastly.

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Harry Styles is the big winner for This is hands down taylors best song ever! If you have any info re: Very catchy and in love with the lyrics.

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Her clothes, hair style and especially the shoes. Has Taylor Swift really been famous for the entirety of my adult life? Many TS fans hate this.

It is is not only a great song, it is a beautiful masterpiece. Lyrics about breaking up for college, which they did.

And the song is really heart catchy. Their relationship ended because he had to go to college.

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Her best song EVER! I thought a lot of people loved it She references his indie band directly here.

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Thanks Taylor Swift for making a great song that many people like! I Would Do Something like that if the boy I had a crush on married This song is SO good and underrated.

This made more sense when people were actually buying CDs, but whatever. JJ had to learn the hard way that you do not dump Taylor Swift on the phone for some rando actress without having any less than three pointed breakup songs about you.