K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa (feat. Heo Youngji (허영지)) - Color Coded Lyrics K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa (feat. Heo Youngji (허영지)) - Color Coded Lyrics

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Plan Bin which he plays a young, rich and cunning Korean private investigator.

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The doctor assured Eli, that he still can perform, thus he performed with his cast on his right arm. According to Tiffany her previous voice is different from her voice nowadays even though the treatment was successful, since she contracted the vocal nodules, although it is better that her medical treatment is over.

Jaejoong meet his biological mother occasionally with the help and support of his current mother, but whereabouts of his biological father had been unknown. Eli Kim Eli Kim, age 22 image credit: K as his stage name, was born on January 15, On May 2,Twinkle EPtheir first mini-album was released.

Kim Tae-yeon Kim Tae-yeon, age 24, Jan. In their first music video, Dongho was noted to have a corn row hairstyle, Not Young. Tune Entertainmentbut still retains his collaborative relationship with Park Jin-young.

Kiseop lives with his parents and an older sister. Two singles were released from the album - the eponymous title track "Bad Guy" and "Handshake". On October 17th,Junsu revealed via his personal Twitter due to family matters, he would change his name to Minjun and he will be using the same stage name, Jun.

During his early years of training, Rain was a backup dancer.

Debut as solo singer and Pan-Asia success[ edit ] InJung debuted as a solo singer with his first solo album titled Bad Guy where he was introduced to the media through his stage name, Rain. Claims of Han, is yet to be proven by DNA test for his validity claims.

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He debuted as a solo artist and released his first single I Just, under M Plus Entertainment, his new agency. Dumisani mbebe dating sites an early age, she left her town to study at the Beijing Dance Academy to learn more the Chinese traditional dance, majoring Chinese Ethnic dance.

Uncontrollably Fond

During a holiday trip, Kevin joined an audition, and was chosen and thus decided to be a singer. Company announced that Rain would release a new album in with a series of promotional activities to accompany his musical comeback.

Kevin was born and raised in Danville, California, United States and lives with his parents and older sister, and is a Christian. BoA is referred as the Queen of Korean Pop, and was discovered by talent agents under Sm Entertainment, when she accompanied her older brother to a talent search.

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Park Jung-min has two older siblings, a brother and a sister, but not working in the entertainment industry. Jung has a younger sister, Jung Ji-hye, and because his family worked in the law firm, he dream to be a prosecutor one day. Ok Taecyon lives in Massachusetts for seven years before he returned to South Korea.

The Zepp Tour: They will fill the place of ZE: When Dongho was in his young age, he has unpredictable personality and he was known to have a deep voice. On August 28,Soo-young and her sister had a car accident the way to participate in a charity event, causing Soo-young a fractured tailbone.

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Kibum and older brother Kim Hyung Jun setup HnB Company together on December 29, a character business based on his original creation, PiroPiro and SiroSiro, and made much effort to promote the business, at the same time performing on his solo activity. Example of viral video that became famous all over the world is the Gangnam Styly by Psy of South Korea.

Both Jung sisters, are active currently in their groups, under contract of the S. Park was only 13 years old, when he was discovered by talent scout of an agency and was accepted by both DSP Media and SM Entertainment. Luna has a twin sister, Park Jin-young.

Sunny can speak fluent Korean in spite of growing up in other country. When Kiseop feel nervous, he talks fast and sometimes stutters.

She hen auditioned for the SM Casting System and started to undergo training, until she was chosen to be one of the 9 members of the Girls Generation on August 5, Comeback to Korea[ edit ] In MarchRain was cast in the movie Uhm Bok-dong based on a true story that took place during the Japanese colonial rule.

Taeyeon performed The Boys as the opening number, but during the the meeting it lacks intensity and pale.

Alexander lives currently in Seoul, South Korea with his grandmother. In a CNN interview and also in a Discovery Channel documentary called Discovering Hip Korea, [5] he recalled being repeatedly rejected because of his looks: Her talent manager when she was a member of Sugar was one of her other older sisters, however the group was disbanded, but became active in other work in the music industry.

Minho was named Honorary Ambassador for Youth on May 23, According to one of his bandmate, Kibum, Kiseop was chosen as the 7th member because he fits well in the new image for group because of his unique style.

Jonghyun was rushed to Gangnam hospital for nose fracture treatment, and no other major injuries. Since Key was born, he was raised by his grandmother, because his mother became ill after giving birth and his father was busy with work and could not take care of him.

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Before her debut as Girls Generation pop idol girls group, she was a trainee for seven years.