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Although its rules are lost, what we do know is that the loser of each round would be whacked over the knuckles with a tightly-knotted handkerchief. The last chicken to be caught becomes the fox in the next round.

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And we only know that because it was one of a number of games listed by name in a directive that made playing it illegal. The game involves players throwing knives into the ground, blade first, either aiming at a target or aiming just to propel the knife into the earth as deeply as possible.

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Although it dates back to Tudor times Shakespeare mentions it in several of his playsit became a particularly popular party game at Christmas in Victorian England.

The other players then have to pick him up and carry him, as if he were a jar of honey being taken home from market. Jacobean playwrights, incidentally, also liked to use barley-break as lovetime free online dating euphemism for sex.

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Players would roll a die, and either the lowest scoring player or the first player to roll a designated number would have to take a drink or else pay some kind of humiliating forfeit.

Chicken-hazard was a low-stakes version that became popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. One member of one team secretly hides a coin or a button in one of their hands.

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Player 2 can try to dodge the blow, but his knees must remain in place at all times. Players place a token amount of money originally sixpence into a hat, and then take three turns rolling a die.

BLOWPOINT mid ss Blowpoint probably involved players using a peashooter to fire wooden or paper darts at a numbered target or else at each otheralthough some later descriptions suggest it was a form of archery in which arrows were shot through a hollow log at a target.

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Players would then take it in turns to throw smaller sticks towards it, and whoever managed to land theirs the closest won. The last player to be caught becomes the next King.

Oh, and everyone has to stand or hop on one leg the entire time. All three couples must remain holding hands throughout the game, but the two couples being chased can split up and change partners at any time to avoid being caught.

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It was renamed bubble the justice as this was one of only a few games not outlawed in a clampdown on games in London taverns in the late s. Bandy-wicket was an 18th century form of cricket played with bandies rather than cricket bats.

Up with my heels and down with my head, and this is the way to mould cockle bread. You have Marco Poloed, hot potatoed, and I-Spied. The other players then take it in turns to strike his hands, one at a time, and the kneeler has to guess which of the other players has hit him.

The aim was either to land your ball in each hole in numerical order, or to simply to score as many points as possible.

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Loggits was one of a number of games banned by Henry VIII in out of concern that it would distract his soldiers from military practice; the same statute banned quoits, all card and dice games, and even tennis.

In the earliest versions of the game, the loser would be made to pull a wooden peg out of the ground with his teeth, hence the name. Although there were numerous different versions, the basics were always the same: Here we go the jingo-ring!

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Its rules are lengthy and convoluted, but if you have an afternoon to spare you can find out how to play in The Compleat Gamester, 5th Edition JOHN BULL s An old English pub game in which players would take it in turns tossing coins or stones onto a four-by-four grid of squares, randomly numbered fromin an effort to score as many points as possible.