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There is a de facto president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, and just because he is not at his desk does not mean that other people can take over," Lyagin said.

One was in the burned-out city administration building, seized by separatists and scene of fierce clashes in recent days. Only four polling stations opened on Sunday in Mariupol, which is home topeople. She said that previously there had been a chance to make some kind of compromise with Kiev, but that none of the leading candidates in the election represented the Russian-speaking east of the country and that now she had decided she wanted to join Russia.

Many pro-Ukraine activists have left the region after threats, dating site chat tips have been kidnapped, and most of those who disagree chose to boycott the referendum rather than vote no.

If Russia recognises [the results of the referendum] Ukraine will defend its territory.

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It is not clear whether Russia has the appetite to annex more of Ukraine, but many of those at polling stations stirile protv referendum online dating that is what they were voting for.

Language and rhetoric has toughened as the death toll has mounted in recent weeks. There were huge queues of people, almost all of whom said they were voting yes to separatism.

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Our plant sells its products to Russia and feeds half of the city," he said. Some said that voting yes would improve their material position.

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The referendum comes as the region appears to be tottering on the edge of a genuine civil war. The economics graduate, who now works in as an accountant in a big company, said: Lyagin said the referendum was not perfect but was the best thing possible in the current Ukrainian climate.

In Donetsk, there were also queues to vote, even though many people were unsure exactly of the meaning of the ballot question, which asked: With heavily armed men keeping watch, ambiguous wording on the ballot slip and a bungled Ukrainian attempt to stop voting in one town that ended with one dead, it was clear that this was no ordinary referendum.

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She said the referendum was causing divisions. Andriy Penishenko, 41, said he feared that staying within Ukraine would mean he would lose his job at a locomotive plant. At a polling station in a Donetsk school, Alexander Baturenko, 27, who was one of the volunteers helping to organise the vote, said he hoped the region would become part of Russia.

One of the separatist leaders promptly served warning that all Ukrainian troops on his territory would become illegal. However, while many people are wary of the new authorities in Kiev, it is unclear how many people really support the separatist movement.

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According to witnesses, they were angrily accosted by unarmed locals and subsequently opened fire, killing one and wounding two.

The government in Kiev said Moscow was behaving in a manner reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Share via Email This article is over 4 years old There were no international observers, no up-to-date electoral lists, and the ballot papers were photocopies.

A man in camouflage handed a small boy a Kalashnikov rifle to pose with. Children posed for photographs by a tank removed from a Soviet monument on the eve of Victory Day by protesters. But Andrei, a philosophy student who did not want to give his surname, said: The authorities in Kiev have said these are "anti-terrorist operations", but they have resulted in a number of deaths, most recently in the city of Mariupol on Friday when at least seven people died as Ukrainian forces entered the city.

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Comparisons with the Nazis have been flying on both sides. Parubiy, who led the volunteer security forces during the Maidan protests in Kiev, and now commands the National Guard, a force drawn from the Maidan protesters and used against the separatists in east Ukraine.

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To be honest, I was pretty surprised that she had fascist views.