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What is the maximum number of combinations that Bill would have to try before finding the correct code? Kalid Hi Jon, thanks for dropping by!

Kalid Thanks Giridhar, glad you found it: I think I just thought of an easier way. Two of the characters must be letters, and the lock is case sensitive with AB not the same as ab.

I am glad to visit this.

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More likely, they could give a really nice raise to the CEO and a pretty good raise to the rest of the executive suite. P ,4 This is a permutation because the order matters — prize A is different from prize D.

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That seems to be where all the corporate tax cuts since the Eisenhower administration have gone. Can anyone help, please?

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Then there is all the successful dating profiles for men with heavy leveraging that played a major role in the financial disaster.

Wed, 02 Mar This is more of a refresher for people that learned combinations and permutations but then later forgot the formula [like me]. Then there are the rating agencies Kalid Hi Dennis, thanks for the comments.

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And it makes me smile to see sites like this one with open forums and quick feedback for interesting topics. Two more scary words: Kalid Hi Chris, great question.

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One of the other details that the FED has been forced to release mentioned that the FED has been buying up these off-balance assets at 98cents on the dollar in addition to providing trillions of dollars at near zero percent.

Glad you liked the articles! First, you have 52 choices for ice cream. How many combinations of wins are there in 12 football games?

The first personal computer PC Newsgroups: In the wake of ENRON, congress passed sarbanes-oxley which supposedly significantly strengthen the auditing for public companies as well as penalties for falsification. She sent for Bill Becker, the most prolific safecracker in the prison system, and offered him a royal pardon if he succeeded in opening the safe.

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The major purpose of the fraudulent filings were to boost executive bonuses Dennis I have a hw problem that seems to involve both permutation and combination. The pizza question would be similar. The other two must be digits, anything from 0 to 9.

How many different combinations of pizzas can you make using at least one topping including crust options. The massive amount of triple-A rated toxic CDOs might possibly bring down the institution, but the enormous personal compensation appeared to eliminate any concern about such events.

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Dennis Thanks for your time Kalid on Sunday nonetheless. Tax individuals or tax corporations, but taxing both seems like double taxation. We can distribute the remaining prizes 2As and 1 B like so: Lisa lost the combination to the safe where the secret cookie recipe is held.

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There are C 99,3 ways to pick 3 winners from If counting the number of sequences [Win-win-win-lose-lose…], you can win or lose each game. Well, we find the number of ways to have an O and some combination of the remaining letters.

However, all this required SEC to do something. First, just think about giving out 4 random prizes A B C and D.

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This is a tricky one that had me thinking for a bit. The special lock has a four-character code. How many 4-letter combinations are there of the letters in each word? Thank you again, and this will definately be a site I check regularly! There had been a few transactions for aggregate of several tens of billions that had gone for 22cent on the dollar.

Can you make any suggestions on how to put it all together? I enjoyed the explanation above and the view of previous post.

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Awesome, glad it helped: I have many friends coming up behind me that I will inform of this site. Not quite a straight Permutation or Combination??? The role that repeal of Glass-Steagall had to play was that too-big-to-fail regulated depository institutions now had unregulated investment bankers that could deal in triple-A rated toxic CDOs and carry them off-balance in addition to do loads of portfolio churning with other institutions.

To what ends does this site address. Jon Thank you very much Kalid.