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When Willie Comes Marching Home, hero leaves heroine at station: The Crowd Roars, accident with chicken truck: The Blue Eagle, Cavalry feud turns to boxing: Land of the Pharaohs Dust, Mist and Smoke: Until recently, Indian marriages had all the trappings of a business transaction involving two deal-making families, a hardboiled matchmaker and a vocal board of shareholders — concerned uncles and aunts.

The first shot of the heroine. In the club re-signed him after injuries weakened their squad, following his performance in goal for the Celebrities team in the Sky One reality television series, The Match. Sergeant Rutledge, John Wayne: Hawks has instead turned "Who Goes There?

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Air Mail John Ford: The Horse Soldiers, teepees, tents: A Song Is Born, woman sells on Paris street: Accomplishing them is a grown-up moral victory, something anyone can admire and be proud of.

The Blue Eagle, railroad: Characters first meet in tilted-angle shots Wayne and Martin in saloon: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, shower scene: Barbary Coast, mist or fog outside windows: Rio Grande, Union hero destroys railroads: The Long Gray Line Percussion bell rung in boarding house: The Crowd Roars, sidekick: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, sportswriter watches rookie and discovers truth through visual analysis: Still, the checklist above shows over thirty connections to subjects and techniques found in other Hawks movies.

When Willie Comes Marching Home, in bar: In Davies played a caricature of cricketer W.

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Bucking Broadway, pipe smoke: They anticipate Rio Bravo. A Girl in Every Port, harpoons: The Big Sleep, Hudson upside down in waders: Howard Hawks is an American film director.

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Cheyenne Autumn Milk arrives in early morning after kidnapping: Stagecoach, soldiers in swamp, filmed through weeds: Tell a joke, you twat. His Girl Friday, bunkhouse: This also resembles the big robbery in Rio Lobo, which involves the elaborate stopping of the train.

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These male-male aspects seem as emphasized in Paid to Love as heterosexual ones. This leads to servants with hidden sides.

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Mogambo, cadets pour milk: Scarface, fog on docks: