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Definition - Referendum abrogativo del Despite the placement, is the central part of this thesis, in which you try a reconstruction under different profiles of the relationship between referendum and ordinary law, by analyzing the various problems that right now prevent its solution in the sense of the existence of a referendary bond of legal type.

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Il referendum sul divorzio - LUISSThesis Il referendum abrogativo yahoo dating, popular covers It is an analysis of the different dynamics that characterize the complex relationship between parliamentary legislator and popular legislator, with regard to their "sovereignty.

Imagining that this role can be covered by the Constitutional Court, you should accept that it will also use political arguments to undo a law that violates the bond referendum.

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The choice of the job structure and content selection was then made so that it can synthesize the best dating website headlines the elements necessary to verify if this constraint has the right to exist in our constitutional order.

The conduct of the legislature, analyzed in different contexts in which you could easily find an excess over the referendum result, has had as a constant: Tesi di Dottorato Tesi di Dottorato Data: Page optimization It was analyzed, at first, the positive data, to understand if at legal level exists some conditions to support a legal constraint that limits the legislature following referendum expression on a particular subject.

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And so a protean nature institution was "discovered" that has managed to become an element of political debate, sometimes taking on the false appearance of a true antagonist of the parliamentary system.

Download 1MB Anteprima Abstract The doctoral thesis addresses the issue of relations between ordinary legislation and referendum, following the decision of the people. None of the solutions seemed satisfying, but it certainly can be taken in condideration the right of the electorate to a rethinking of legislation voted in a referendum.

The conclusion of the investigation has partially disproved the initial thesis: Only a reading of the referendums through the lens of the principle of sovereignty under art.

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Opting instead for the President through the re-send power and Parliament dissolution powerthere would not be some solution, since it is strongly linked to mostly political considerations.

Also Constitutional Court is aware of these issues and its judjements were involved in my research. Considering referendum as an instrument of expression of popular sovereignty, it determines the need for the outcome of the consultation to be granted.

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From the political point of view, therefore, it is clear how the referendum has its place in the form of government, but this consideration was not sufficient to settle the issue concerning the possible legal effects of a popular consultation.

In particular, it was initially approached one of the most important problems, the one related to the duration of the bond, starting from the belief that one can not imagine an endless ban. The last part of the work is devoted to the study of the bond referendum hypothesis.

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We started from the notion that, although the principle of parallelism between the referendum and the ordinary law would exclude any mutual constraint, on the contrary the principles under articles.

Another issue raised was the one concerning the referendum question interpretation for the purpose of identifying the exact scope of the bondwith particular reference to the role of the promoter and to the possible introduction of a motivation that can eliminate any ambiguities related to an investigation of the subjective intentions of the owners of the initiative referendum.

Hence also some remarks on the need to ensure the authenticity of the vote and, therefore, in this sense the importance of the referendum campaign.

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Therefore, it is the encounter between the art.