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One of the four of the team is missing, however, the Leprechaunbut Bob pulls on a tree branch to show him, and he convinces the bad guys to dance. The Planet of the Couches couch gag is then shown. Since his main objective in life is done, Bob decides to complete other dreams, such as becoming a literature teacher at Springfield University, but discovers that being a teacher is very stressful and the only thing that has made him happy was hunting down Bart for 24 years, so he builds a machine to bring Bart back to life so he can kill him over and over.

Unfortunately, there is a real Black Widow spider in the box and when Homer grabs what he thinks montevideo bog te video 2 deo online dating a plastic spider, he is bitten by it.

Homerzilla[ edit ] In a parody of Godzillaa crazy old Japanese man based on Grampa Simpson is constantly mocked because every day he drops a perfect donut into the ocean. At the very end of the carol, Grampa Simpson shows up dressed in a black tutu, asking when the Black Swan movie comes up Lisa only makes a few changes, but Milhouse goes mad with powers only to be struck by lightning.

Full Story Intro The logo for this episode When BartLisa and Maggie arrive home from trick-or-treating, Marge switches the candy with dental hygiene products with Homer owning a bag of candy that Marge wants him to donate.

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The show received a 4. Lisa is the child for Nevergreen Terrace and meets her coach, Homish. Though he manages it after a few tries, Homer learns that he was carrying a bag of vegetablesas Bart, Lisa and Maggie had secretly stolen back their candy, inciting an upset Homer to scream in rage.

A female inhabitant named Kamala screams at Bart, who wonders what she is doing. This sketch had no redeeming qualities and should be erased from the minds of all Simpsons fans immediately. She makes Rachel miserable and disappear.

Two of the targets, Patty and Selma Bouvierwere killed in a similar fashion to the style of Wile E. Homer instead runs off with the bag to eat its contents in privacy at a canyon cliff.

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Lisa figures out that Homer can communicate this way; they read off the alphabet and he farts when they get to the letter he wants to form a word with. Surette concluded that the episode "[s]tarted off good, but got boring very quick.

In the battle, the natives are helped by all the animals of the planet, which eventually defeats the military. The police said the nail polish was found at all of the crime scenes, and Lisa reveals she wore it when her imaginary friend, Rachelwas around, before she outgrew her.

As his main objective in life is done, he decides to complete other dreams, such as becoming a literature teacher at Springfield University, but is dissatisfied as his students are lazy cheaters.

Then we have Sideshow Bob killing Bart. Not being able to wait that long, Homer actually tries to eat his arm off. Surette thought that it was "[a]n Avatar spoof that came about two years too late.

Then when Milhouse is shown the Hilarium accidentally, he contacts the army that sent him and Bart to Rigel 7. Turn Off the Dark was noticed by the producers of the musical. He later becomes a superhero.

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They throw all the merchandising into the ocean, but the containers wake up Homerzilla and a message appears reporting that he will return as soon as people have forgotten about the last film. Ralph dies first, stepping on a mine before the event even started.

He briefly encounters a prostitutebut after Ned tells her to "spend less time on your back and more time on your knees", she goes to a Yale School of Prostitution.

Production[ edit ] Aron Ralston guest starred in the opening segment, which was a parody of his biographical film Hours.

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The first segment has a Hunger Games -theme. They reacted by issuing a statement the following day: At home, Lisa manages to save Marge from death, the cat is sleeping and when Rachel throws a knife at Marge, she wakes up, jumps in front of it, the knife hits her, she lands in the trash can, and dies.

Production[ edit ] Kelsey Grammervoice of Sideshow Bobwas excited that his character would finally kill Bart. Contents [ show ] Synopsis The Diving Bell and the Butterball - Homer is paralyzed by a spider bite, but can still communicate Bart in his new body Later, the army attacks, but the local aliens on Rigel 7 are stronger than the humans, beating them all up.

He tells them to go to Remoh Industries, the new owner of Duff Stadium.

This only marks the second time Fox has aired a Treehouse of Horror episode in October since ; two years earlier, " Treehouse of Horror XX " aired nearly two weeks before Halloween. I was always the kind of kid that wanted [Wile E. Burns decides to make the kids of Springfield battle to the death, and the winner will win a day at the reservoir.