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Violencia emocional, física, sexual y económica

Sometimes nothing is the cleverest thing you can say when you want to say something clever. Sometimes the biggest surprise a wife can get her husband for his birthday is to get him his breakfast. I love what I do, so it would have to be something really amazing to persuade me to stop.

Christianity Today Sometime you have got to get off the merry-go-round. Espino artificial, alambrada con pinchos, que se usa para cercas.

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Hombre que se ocupa de las tareas de su casa. Sometimes when you ask a woman to dance, she is on your feet in a moment.

By this point Paul had witnessed other comedy acts and felt it was something he was compelled to do. El beso que se da en el ano de otra persona para estimularla sexualmente.

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Sometimes when a man takes a day off to celebrate, he needs another day off to get over it. He says he played in something like 20 matches last season but, crucially, he was involved in five of the last six. The Sun Everyone has to go sometime. Persona que procede con tino.

Sometimes she wished she were back in England.

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Merwin Sometimes it takes less courage to die for a woman than to live with her. Probably would be a good idea to stop for something to eat and drink after this, get some energy back.

Is this something you think has happened to you in your own work, regardless of whether it was a hit online dating curvy definition not?

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She cringed for she feared that something far more terrible was going to happen. Lord Byron El placer es un pecado, y algunas veces el pecado es un placer.

Someter a alguien a una endoscopia

Times, Sunday Times Maybe you can all be friends again sometime soon. Dar tiempo o espera a alguien, y especialmente al deudor, para que pague. Prenda femenina para dormir, con faldas cortas, ajustada y con gran escote, que cubre parte del tronco, del busto hacia abajo, y se sostiene con breteles.

The Times Literary Supplement She must go and see her sometime. Sometimes when you order coffee, half milk, you have to guess what the other half is. Plato compuesto de carne de vaca, chorizo, salchicha, etc. Dicho de una cosa y figuradamente de una persona: A veces la mejor ayuda que la conciencia puede tener viene del temor hacia las cosas importantes que se deben hacer.

After he had eaten he paced around for a while, looking for something to do to keep him busy. Valor, coraje; arrojo, intrepidez. On certain occasions or in certain cases but not always.

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One of the women hands me a sharp metal lance, something between a sword and a skewer. The Sun Sometime during the next century the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is expected to double.

The Sun They are mostly about the rural poor sometime in the early twentieth century.

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En este listado de palabras ausentes tratamos de mantener criterios similares a los del DEN. Paige, Frances The Glasgow Girls We hoard tins and bottles and all sorts of things that might sometime come in handy. It filled him with a conviction that there is something terribly wrong with this world.

Louisa May Alcott Little Men And with derivative prices suggesting the low point to be sometime next year, the worst may very well be behind us. Hay casos en los que ofrecemos una voz que figura en alguno de los diccionarios de referencia: Sometimes her photography is breathtaking.

They had stopped at a service station, had something to eat and still caught up with us! I think we were waiting for her to do something crazy, or to just stop doing anything at all. Lord Byron Sometimes a thousand twanging instruments Will hum about mine ears.

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The Sun Sometime after middaywe drive to a village near Godalming. Robert Herrick I sometimes try to be miserable that I may do more work. An impressive high score on an early machine was something like two thousand points. It is something like Bob said earlier on, it is something we do in our own time.

Sometimes they come for a month; at other times for six months. If you want us to stop thinking of you that way, you could try going and being successful at something. Id be happy if I could pull off something like that with the amount of money that had.

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Tener, asir o mantener asido algo, teniendo cuidado de ello. It seemed so fitting for a gathering of people remembering something so terrible. Merwin A veces es inconcebible que yo tenga la edad que tengo.

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Keith Sharee Sometimes it is inconceivable that I should be the age I am. Enfermo, que padece enfermedad. Times, Sunday Times Sometime in the next year we will discuss what happens afterwards. Just because something may be physically unattainable is no need to stop striving for it.

Lee mas… He died sometime after we left and the police report said it was an overdose. Dicho de una persona: Times, Sunday Times Sometime soon their views on matters constitutional could become critical. Definir significado de "sometimes": Sometimes the greatest help a conscience can get comes from cold feet.