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Only moments ago, Apple officially announced that its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available to pre-order in China, from its online store, on Friday, October Those numbers look really good.

For the uninitiated, battery backed flash caches on RAID cards allows for near bulletproof data safety in the face of power failure, while increasing performance of RAID arrays considerably. You can imagine then just how important it is for Apple to have its new iPhones on sale in China as soon as possible.

The way I see it, the former sounds much more likely. Is Dell crippling these cards by turning off the native HDD cache? While collective hearsay is rather convincing, I wanted to see for myself what was going on here. Even the SAS cable we used was a brand new Startech mini SAS unitfreshly unwrapped from the factory, and otherwise testing out fine.

Microsoft reveals that it built the new MSN on its Azure cloud platform.

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Apple downplayed vardu speles latviski online dating problem, saying it had only received nine complaints relating to bent phones -- out of ten million sales -- and now independent testing by Consumer Reports shows not only does it take a lot of force to bend an iPhone 6, but the Shadowprotect image manager consolidating debt One M8 also deforms when the exact same amount of pressure is applied.

It also makes it easy to trigger a search across the InterWebs. Blackhat Research pinned a nice screenshot of this language in a Dell user manual: Microsoft says that "more than million people in over 50 countries around the world [ The two will go on sale a week later, on October What Tim Cook does not say is that Apple had to apparently increase the security of iOS 8 in order for its new iPhones to receive the nod of approval from the Chinese regulator, which had shown some concern regarding a number of background services.

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They were going to disable the cache regardless. CrystalDiskMark is a great utility that can measure disk drive performance on any Windows system, including servers, and is a good baseline utility that can tell you what kind of numbers you are getting from your drives.

Is that potential reality something that should be used to decide configuration for all users of the product? A car may be purchased with AWD, and a car manufacturer may disable the functionality if the vehicle is sold in Arizona, assuming that the driver will never encounter snow.

Run your own tests to see what kind of results you are seeing. The writing has been on the wall for the Bing brand on those operating systems, as the software giant has long removed it from app names. Fast forward to today and Microsoft announces that more than 10 million users have tested the new MSN, with more than 80, of them also submitting feedback.

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And this described the exact situation we were in for this customer Dell R rebuild. Our storage needs for this client were rather low, so employing Windows Storage Spaces was a moot point for this rollout. The hard drives were brand new, along with the RAID card.

The US company also promised not to work with any government to bake backdoors into its mobile operating system. We made sure the latest PERC driver for this card was pulled down onto the server which happened to come from Windows Update.

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Lockscreen support for the latter has been extended to include additional weather information, while the former gains a step counter and GPS tracking information on the lockscreen on certain Windows Phones, like Lumia and Lumia But having to dig through forums to see why my H card is behaving abnormally slow, none of which is from my own doing in misconfiguration of any sort, is downright troubling.

The iPhone 6 Plus held out until 90lbs, the older iPhone 5 and LG g3 withstood up to lbs, and the strongest of the bunch was the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which took lbs of pressure before it started to yield.

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You can read all the official details, posted by the Chinese regulator, by hitting the link above. Dell is going out on a limb here to make the lives of server admins rather hellish in situations where low end RAID cards are in use.

The safety of your server data is up to you as the customer in the end, and if you choose not to use a proper battery backup power source like an APC or Tripp Lite unit, then so be it. Heck, most drives made in the last ten years have some form of dedicated cache space to provide workstations some performance benefits of writing to cache before writing to the disk.

Too slow for comfort. The biggest change from prior to the cache being enabled? The tests applied 10lbs of force for 30 seconds, then upped the pressure in 10lb increments, noting when the phones began to bend.

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The K write test went up slightly, too. For the major players in the mobile industry, it is hugely important to be leading there, as being successful in China leads to a healthy market share growth overall, but, more importantly, a healthy increase in the bottom line also.

Most definitely, and the numbers above prove it. Once your server comes back up, you will have the performance improvements that local cache can provide.

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I decided to do a little testing of my own in an effort to resurrect this server rebuild and not have to move to a plan B. And seeing how many other parts we doled out money for on this particular server, going back would have proved to be a mess and a half.

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All in all, flipping a single switch improved my numbers across the board.