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The Lord Himself has bestowed the treasure of devotional love; His customers purchase virtues, and carry them home.

When the dust of the feet of the Sat Sangat rises up into the eyes, all filthy evil-mindedness is removed. Guru Ramdas From Max. Now, what more is left with me that I could offer you for your piety and goodness of heart?

Became Guru at age 40 years and had life span of 47 years. Soon after birth, he was given the name Jetha, meaning the first born.

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Krishna grazed cows in Kaashi; through the humble servant of the Lord, these places became famous. Today the city of Ramdaspur, which now is the holiest center of Sikhism has come to be know as Amritsar.

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Guru Ram Das ji now eagerly continued the building of the city of Ramdaspur the abode of Ram Das by the digging of the second sacred pool as he had been instructed by Guru Amar Das ji.

Guru Ram Das ji replied; "To wipe the dust off the feet of holy men like yourself" and then he proceeded to perform this supreme act of humility.

The Guru being much too busy with his work promised to send one of his sons instead.

To exploit ignorant people with superstitions and to call it religion is a sacrilege against God and man. This is the kind of character by which you have deprived me of my ancestral heritage.

After their marriage, the couple remained in Goindval which was an upcoming Sikh town and carried out voluntary service Sewa in the construction of the Baoli Sahib sacred wellserving the Neil perry dating and the congregation Seatguru sewa ram sahib ji online dating.

O Nanak, one who has such destiny inscribed on his forehead, is blessed with the dust of the feet of the Holy; the Lord carries him across. According to the wisdom which You give them, so do they follow their ways.

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In the third round the couple is described as the most fortunate as they have sung the praises of the Lord in the company of saints.

Bhai Gurdas ji was a superb poet and scholar of comparative religion who would later go on to become the scribe of the first edition of the Guru Granth Sahib ji.

The marriage took place on 18 February Bhai Jehta worked hard in Goindwal in the various construction projects that were taking place. Shortly thereafter Guru Ram Das left his physical form on September 16 As he was growing up and in his teens, he was always found in the company of religious men.

Two years later, feeling intensely homesick, Arjan Dev composed a poem of love and devotion and sent it to Guru Ram Das ji. Prithi Chand found a reason to avoid the trip, perhaps, he feared that his father would, in his absence, install his youngest brother, Arjan Dev as the next Guru.

The Saints are good, who are pleasing to Your Will; their honor is approved by You.

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The Ganges, the Jamunaa, the Godaavari and the Saraswati - these rivers strive for the dust of the feet of the Holy. You shall have the fruits of your desires, and you shall never feel hunger again.

Rather they alone are called husband and wife, who have one soul in two bodies. On his return the Guru declared him his successor. He undertook many sewas and also successfully represented Guru Amar Das ji before the Mughal royal court to defend charges by some jealous Hindus who had taken exception to some of the wording of the Sikh teachings, saying that Sikhism maligned both the Hindu and the Muslim religions.

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Prithi was sure that Arjan was the favorite son of his father. Guru Ram Das ji asked his eldest son Prithi Chand to attend on his behalf, but he refused. It cries out like the thirsty song-bird. At first, Prithi Chand denied everything, but seeing the insistence of the Guru and the consequences of his refusal to obey him, he finally confessed his treachery and produced the two earlier letters.

Jetha continued to become a handsome young man.

The following is a translation of what Jetha said in the Court of Akbar: The Guru therefore asked his youngest son Arjan Dev to attend, which he agreed to do with such grace and humility, that Guru Ram Das ji was very pleased.

This is how one could also rid oneself of the prime malady - Ego, and end their spiritual loneliness.

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Pilgrims came in ever growing numbers to hear the Guru and to help in the excavation work of the tank. Jetha ji was born at Chuna Mandi Bazaar, Lahoreat the site of the present shrine on, 24 Septemberwhere he spent the first seven years of his life.

Guru Ram Das

All sins, misdeeds and negativity shall be erased. While his fellow travelers returned to LahoreJetha decided to stay and become a disciple of Guru Amar Das.

Finally Arjan wrote a third poem marking it with the number 3 and gave strict instructions to the messenger to give it to the Guru personally.

It is ones deeds which make or unmake a man.

Saari Saad Sangat Nu Sahiba De Bachiya Walo Ji Aaya Nu

Jetha decided to join them and also travel to Goindwal. With the sparkling jewel of spiritual wisdom, the heart is illumined, and ignorance is dispelled. The first round is the Divine consent for commencing the householders life through marriage. The holy tank would be called Amritsar meaning pool of nectar.

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Ram Das means servant of God. Next the Guru asked his next eldest son Mahadev to attend the wedding, but Mahadev was a recluse and excused himself on the ground that he was not interested in the affairs of the world.

Aware of the jealousy of his eldest son he confronted Prithi Chand, asking him if he knew anything about previous letters. Upon their arrival and meeting, Guru Amar Das at once noticed the young Jetha with his pleasant manner and sense of devotion.