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A comic element is supplied by a double act, John Hassler as Timon the meerkat and Keith Bookman as Pumbaa, a flatulent warthog, both of whom befriend and advise the young Simba.

You seem to be managing well with it. He simply asks, "Why are you all looking at me? I mean, I have you seen how underdeveloped these claws are?

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There is no mystical power that binds all of the cute cubs together! At the end of this same chapter, Tojo is seen having a conversation with an imaginary friend.

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A snake you angered in the first place. Well, I would like you to leave the Pride Lands and never ever come back. Where are you going?

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Besides, I am a very clean cub. Yeah, well you were supposed to. Come on, I have better things to do with my life than follow her around all the time! Haiba nods in understanding. Who can forget this golden moment?

The only reason Scar even bothered to use them was because they tended to look up to him as some kind of leader. Series 4 In Drought, there are a number of funny moments: Under the new management, Disney company sales and profits soared, and the revitalized company reclaimed a leading place in the entertainment world.

And how would you know that?

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I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with "R. Anti-Arab Reflecting the Zionist sentiments of its top management, the Eisner-run Disney company has produced a number of anti-Arab motion pictures in recent years.

Six trillion life forms; only one Haiba.

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Simba talking to Kazi, telling him, "This is a private den. This exchange in particular stands out: I put my claws around his throat and said something really cheesy.

The excuse the cubs and Zazu come up with to explain their absence. Haiba knocking out Simba with a rock to demonstrate how Sarafina sounded.

In the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights announced a "nationwide charge against Disney, making use of every legal means available -- from boycotts to stockholder revolts," to pressure the company into ending its hostility to Christianity and Catholicism.

You have the qualities of mud: Simba slowly waking up: Simba flees before returning as an adult to reclaim his birthright from Scar, who has installed himself as king. Simba being paranoid about something waiting to happen to them.

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His Gollum-like devotion to "The Shiny Thing" would also count. Why would I want a girlfriend? Plenty of funny moments in The Chase as well: Someone who actually had a little bit of sympathy for me?

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Shocker admits he finds Tama interesting, but when he offers joint rulership of the world, she answers, "Not interested, Shock-O. Welcome to the world of girls, Simba. They then engage in a slobbery kiss that disgusts Nala.

So what life-threatening location are we gonna be visiting today?