Savage/Fox Model B Side-by-Side Shotguns Savage/Fox Model B Side-by-Side Shotguns

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The usual barrel lengths were 30, 28, and 26 inches in 12 gauge and 28 and 26 inches in 16 and 20 gauge, although some guns with 24 inch barrels were sold.

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The bottom edges of the receiver are slightly rounded for a more comfortable carry. If you are not certain of the grade, break the gun down in its 3 basic pieces: Fox Company in November of The B and BST remained unchanged. It was to be a long lived model, remaining in the Savage line until rising manufacturing costs and the sale and reorganization of Savage Industries, Inc.

Double triggers are standard on the gun.

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In this case the S stood for side lever barrel release Joined barrels the entire length; lack of center tang in the rear of receiver. For8 and 9 the offerings were the same.

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There were no changes for The forend is held in place by a self-adjusting spring tension latch that does not loosen with use. All the gauge and. The most common variations of the basic gun were the Model B Mfg.

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The RBL was, and is, an excellent gun. For the satin chrome BDE was gone. No other stock dimensions are travis scott dating tinashe parents offered.

Forcing cones were standard length, not the currently trendy extended ones. Fox guns were made in Philadelphia beginning around until around when Savage Arms purchased them and they moved the operation to Utica, NY.

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The text said it had precisely engineered barrels resulting in perfect balance. Savage continued to make the Fox double in Utica til around the beginning of WW2.

Sun Dec 09, Made by an Italian Company for Savage, like the it was shotgun over rifle in configuration. Some things changed, some are now modified, and somethings were missing from what it would look like now.


These guns were solid performers in their day and they still are. For the Savage is gone and the B-SE is back. They also gold plated the trigger on the BST.

The gun control act of required Savage to start putting serial numbers on these guns. Other standard choke combinations were furnished by special order at no extra charge, at least in the early years. After the end of the war a few A. This was eventually changed to a full beavertail forend, initially only on the single trigger models, but later the beavertail became standard across the board.

It had a single trigger with the barrel selector as a small push button built into the uppor portion of the trigger sliding left to right or visa versa. I suspect there are others I have not encountered yet.

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Fox Gun company in Philadelphia in Some graded guns are fitted with a single selective trigger. The Model B was offered in, and gauges and. And some after the war.

Fox guns were sold from existing warehouse stock, and some were assembled from remaining parts on hand, but the era of the original A. Although the two were functionally about equal, the Model B was a better looking and better turned-out gun than the Model All Fox Model B guns came with "select" American black walnut stocks and forends.

Significance of the numbers is not known.

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A single trigger is not an option, though it is on the RBL. In Savage decided to market but not manufacture a Fox A Grade shotgun. They seldom malfunction and they are usually easy to repair when they do.

Savage Fox Model B

There was a BSE with ejectors, non-selective single trigger, satin black finish, white-line butt plate and grip cap, beavertail and ventilated rib.

That may be just a little heavy for some tastes, but there was absolutely no creep or overtravel. It would not be a field grade, Fox called that model "Sterlingworth", it would be a graded gun.

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