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While he is trying to make a clean break from his criminal past, he is menaced by two long-time criminal acquaintances trying to pressure him into using his skills as a burglar to help them do a heist.

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The impact flings Rebecca to the floor, which she cannot explain to the host of the dinner party and her husband chastises her for her behaviour afterwards. They establish that they are not just figments of their respective imaginations, and the presence at the other end is a real person.

Becky realizes that Dylan is in love with her and she herself is also falling in love with him, so she tries to break off their communication. They both manage to elude their respective pursuers and end up on foot running through the woods towards a train.

They manage to climb into an empty box car, where they finally unite in person and share a kiss. Plot[ edit ] A young Rebecca Porter is about to go sledding in New Hampshire, while across the country in New Mexico, a young Dylan Kershaw is at school with a group of his friends.

Becky avoids detection until reaching the front door, where she runs into her husband and subsequently punches him in the face before fleeing the facility, while Dylan is being chased by several police cars. One night, Rebecca attends a dinner party with her husband, and Dylan is at a local bar trying to stay out of trouble.

Unable to rent a car at the airport, Dylan steals one.

Suddenly, without even knowing what is happening or why, Dylan is able to experience everything that Rebecca experiences, and at the exact moment that Rebecca crashes her sled, rendering her unconscious, Dylan is thrown from his desk and is knocked out.

The next day, Dylan and Becky connect once more and they learn that if they speak aloud they can hear one another, they can see what the other is looking at, and feel what the other is feeling.

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They talk later that night and they begin to get to know each other while they talk, show each other their surroundings, share their dreams and shared experiences, finally stepping in front of mirrors for a visual introduction. While she telepathically guides him on the roads between the airport and the institution, he uses his criminal smarts to guide Becky through her escape from the facility, including picking a lock on a door.

Dylan, on the other hand, loses his post-prison job at a car wash when customers are concerned with his mental state observing him seemingly talking to himself while he was in contact with Becky.

However, a man whom he had been playing pool with earlier hits him on the back with a pool stick. Later, Dylan feels that Becky is in trouble so he violates his parole by stealing a truck to get to the airport and subsequently leaves the state without permission by taking a plane to New Hampshire to rescue Becky from the mental institution.

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One of her friends, thinking that Becky is either having an affair or is cracking up, brings her suspicions to him, and he and a medical colleague have her forcibly institutionalized.