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It has no need to print such text as a unique selling point. Nonetheless, the counterfeit Seiko market is not a very lucrative one as opposed to replica Swiss watches therefore not much effort is spared to duplicate a genuine Seiko.

Characteristics of a fake Seiko A Seiko 5 is a mechanical watch. All photos depicted in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. Replica watch manufacturers have come a long way from the instantly recognizable el cheapo junk that you typically find in flea markets. Posted by Quartzimodo Admin September 21, In the multi-million dollar world of fake and replica watches, you are certainly forgiven if you thought that only Swiss marques are targeted by counterfeiters in the Far East.

Chances are you may have received spam on replica Swiss watches I come across them in my junk mail folder frequently. Most people who look for replica Swiss watches probably buy them to impress their friends and colleagues.

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Many people assume that watches like Seiko have no counterfeit equivalent because Seiko is not considered a luxury watch brand. However, the number of fake Seiko watches peddled either on the streets or the Internet are fortunately small. For this reason, major Swiss watch companies strictly forbid online sales of their watches.

Fake Seikos often use cheap, substandard China-made movements borrowed pic As with replica Swiss timepieces, fake Seikos also come in varying qualities. The irony is that Seiko has yet to introduce a mechanical chronograph version for its Premier lineup. The answer is plain and simple — one of the basic laws of economics: They are simple to produce, with cheap movements from various factories in the Far East but are easy to spot if you know how.

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It is estimated that Flirter avec style 101 million worth of revenue is lost to the counterfeit industry. According to the Swiss Customs Service, there are some 30 to 40 million counterfeit watches being circulated every year.

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These days even fake Swiss watches have different grades of quality. The replica watch industry exists so long as there is enough demand and believe me, there is enough global demand for knock-off timepieces. The most popular knock-offs of Seiko watches seem to be the Seiko 5 automatics.

Some replica Seikos are pretty obvious fakes with outlandish designs. Ignorance probably comes a close second reason as those who accidentally buy fake Seiko watches simply cannot tell the difference with the real thing.

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And why would anyone want to buy them? At this point you may be wondering, why are counterfeiters making fake Seikos and still selling them? This is a downright deception and cheating. A Grade 1 replica automatic movement used in a fake Rolex Submariner borrowed photo. Counterfeit makers however, do in an attempt to disguise their products as the real thing.

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So why bother paying the full price when they can get a "Seiko" at one half the price of the original? Replica watch retailers have capitalized on the world wide web that you can easily find online replica watch sellers.

Some look so weird that they easily raise suspicions while others look so convincingly authentic that they baffle even the most seasoned veterans. Some purchase them out of sheer curiosity, for the fun of it and as inexpensive gifts. Unfortunately counterfeiters also managed to copy the emblem and incorporate it into their fake products.

From onwards, in a move to reposition the image of the Seiko 5 and to thwart copycats, Seiko introduced the glass display back instead of stainless steel caseback and also did away with the etched "5" emblem on the crystal. I would estimate 9 out of 10 of them who are looking for a "Seiko" prefer to buy one at the local night and flea markets rather than visiting an authorized Seiko retailer.

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A pre genuine Seiko 5s with a solid stainless steel caseback. Short of opening the caseback and inspecting its innards, even experienced jewelers and trained watchmakers sometimes have trouble in spotting a fake watch. A Seiko watch always has its brand and movement code on its caseback.

Others buy a fake Swiss watch to have a taste of luxury timepieces before paying top dollar for the originals. Whether the sellers knowingly or unknowingly advertise them as genuine watches is besides the point.

The answer is unfortunately yes, there are replica Seikos being made and sold. Many top grade replica chronographs come with fully functional chronograph movements to fool most people. Pictured below is an example of a genuine Seiko 5.

The completed movements are then sent to Seiko Hong Kong for the final assembly.

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There are a few unscrupulous eBay vendors who pass off counterfeit Seiko watches as originals. The 7s26 movements are however, manufactured in Singapore and from onwards, Malaysia. And there are also owners of the real watch who buy replicas for safety reasons — they would wear their originals to official events and switch to the replicas for casual outings.

It is a highly profitable industry, as evidenced by the increasing number of online replica watch vendors. Therefore it should have a smoothly sweeping second hand ticking at 6 beats per second.

An imitation "Seiko 5", complete with bogus hang tags left. A genuine Seiko 5 automatic watch can set you back about only USD60 or so.

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The Seiko watch company does not conform to this practice. The purpose of writing this article is to highlight that fake Seiko watches do exist and you may unwittingly buy one online.

Do fake Seiko watches really exist? Right above is an example of a bogus Seiko Premier automatic watch.

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