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Renge simulation dating, recommended indie / doujin titles

Relies on the power of hatred.

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A rather heartbreaking and slightly twisted variant occurs with Miki Kaorua piano player, who is renge simulation dating smitten with Anthy Himemiya. In The Dark Knight Rises Bruce gets into this again with Miranda Tate, who reminds him of Rachel until the end when she reveals herself to be Talia and tries to kill him along with the rest of Gotham.

Luckily, she grows out of it.

And the reason for the prison to exist on the first place? Ikemen roughly translates to "hottie" in Japanese. Revengeance A dangerous villain or a brutal Anti-Heroeither a teenager or an adult, with a childlike naturewhich creates a dissonance between innocence and savagery. First appears as the bad guy in the first movie.

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She had a "delusional crush" on him because he represented the adult world that she wanted to be a part of. Mikage is smitten with Mamiya, but "Mamiya" we see in the show is Anthy doing a Dead Person Impersonationthe real Mamiya died years ago.

She sees him very briefly in her youth, and continues to keep the torch alight all her life. Stupid little Saiyan monkey!

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He was a bum man-child living off his mother when wretched egg caused an earthquake that destroyed his computer along with renge simulation dating game data!

When his true appearance is revealed, Scarface manages to defeat Terry the Kid.

Psychopathic Manchild

Pink Ranger Hitomi has a crush on Red Ranger Sean, but as the narration points out, she was enamored with what he represented, freedom from her strict family. The artist tries and fails repeatedly, until Kurumi tells him that he needs to put into the portrait what he felt when he saw her for the first time.

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He tells her "Forget your foolish gratitude-begotten infatuation, which your innocence has mistaken for love. Neither did the fact that, back then, Kobayashi lacked her trademark glasseswhich is the main physical difference between her and Satou.

The villain from the second episode of Pumpkin Scissors shows signs of this, in that he kills the people in his charge as part of a fun game, and is hinted to be capricious to the people in his court.

Another notable example is when he comments in hell about Goku fighting with Kid Buu. B Seem superficially powerful and cruel, but have very childish or simplistic goals, motivations or world views. This is why he can so casually and cheerfully threaten his subordinates with atomization and play "games" that involve destroying planets as a consequence without so much as batting an eye.

An Iraqi wrestler with 3 horns on his head. Mount Fuji Facelift, Oklahoma Stampede. And yet in a backwards way, they regard any prospective dominant i. Light himself qualifies as Type C flirting with D.

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In the end, Bruce finally finds something real with Selina Kyle and starts a new life with her in Italy. He takes over his position as chairman of the Choujin Olympics.

A more innocent or well-intentioned Psychopathic Manchild may be a Noble Demon.

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Obito even calls him out on his behavior with the former! The ateji used to spell "Cyborg" mean "Foolish Violent Rhinoceros".

In the manga, she is a ganguro kogal that bullied Keiko in school, but later had a change of heart after The Rigani kidnapped Roxanne. Since he has long since past his Glory Seeker phase, he is clearly shown to be exasperated by their attention. He also holds the entire Saiyan race in contempt as thuggish animals simply because Goku is one of them.

Loving a Shadow

They spend time with a person because he or she reminds them of someone else. A Japanese Yaksha -themed villain. He fights by basically playing with his prey and has a tantrum when Goku beats him up. The Looping Shining Armor is, as per canonmarried to Cadence. The girl he fell in love with is the girl he saw that day, the girl who is immortalized in that portrait, and for all his hard work and everything he put into it, he gets his dream girl.