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Those people see opportunity when others see obstacles.

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We all see the world through the filter of our experience and thought process. Mai multe povesti, in completarea primului volum, au vazut lumina tiparului in si Andersen publicase deja prima lui poveste, "Fantoma de la cimitirul Palnatoke".

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When we operate from a position of despair, lack, victimization we tend to see all the world through that lens. These people are often seen as being really lucky.

Dupa o vizita facuta in in Suedia, Andersen a fost inspirat de miscarea Scandinavismului, mobilizandu-se in scrierea unui poem dedicat infratirii dintre suedezi, danezi si norvegieni. However, we cannot as a society let the complexity or pervasiveness of the problem make us feel impotent against this scourge.

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You may want to earn more money, you may want to lose more weight, you may want a job that is more secure, or more fulfilling. Inca din timpul vietii sale, Hans Christian Andersen a fost onorat pentru bucuria facuta copiilor din toata lumea prin cartile sale, ajungand a fi apreciat chiar si de curtile regale.

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However, I did learn something from this experience. Aceasta prima aparitie editoriala cuprindea Cutia cu iasca, Printesa si mazarea, Degetica, Mica sirena, si Hainele noi ale imparatului.

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The way that we change that filter is to change our thoughts. Your perception of what can be done will determine what you can actually do. If you will then, act on that belief, one step at a time, the universe will open up to you in a way that will astonish you. How we look at the process to achieve is equally important.

When you believe that you can, you see possibilities, options, and opportunities. Hans Christian Andersen a continuat sa scrie si sa publice minunatele sale basme pana in anul Tatal sau, care terminase scoala elementara, l-a introdus in lumea literaturii, citind impreuna cu el povestile din de nopti.

This kind of pressure can be used to good affect…or not.

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A mother will endure the unspeakable pain of burying her child. It boils down to this…our reality is what we think it is. Inca de mic, a crescut cu credinta ca familia din partea tatalui avea origini nobile.

That belief will inform us, and guide us.

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La sugestia unui coleg de la teatru, a luat in serios creatia literara, si s-a focalizat asupra scrierii. We must stand up for goodness, patience, self control, forgiveness, generosity…and most importantly love.

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El a reusit sa aduca acest gen literar la un nou si mai inalt nivel, punand pe hartie un foarte mare numar de povesti originale si iesite din tipicul vremii. It comes down to this — If you will start with believing you can do and have what you want, you will have moved yourself into the world of possibility.

De asemeni, Andersen a marturisit ca facultatea l-a descurajat sa scrie, provocandu-i o coplesitoare stare de depresie. An argument or disagreement, escalated into a fight, that ended in a death. We must teach young boys how to feel anger, but not act out in anger. We must have outrage when violence or for that matter any kind of anti-social and destructive behaviour is displayed.

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If we want our reality to change we must change our filter, and when we do the world will appear differently. Se pare ca la una dintre scoli, a fost nevoit sa locuiasca la directorul acesteia, care l-a supus unui nemilos regim de viata pentru "a-i imbunatati caracterul".

We have all heard of self fulfilling prophecies.

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