K Series Loudspeakers K Series Loudspeakers

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All three models can be used as floor monitor wedges - 3. Our gear experts can help! Enclosed in birch cabinets, KW speakers weigh 64 pounds.

A single KW also makes an excellent side-fill or drum-fill monitor on stage: At just 14" x 26", the compact KSub can sit on its long side to fit under a itage online dating riser in a small club or bar installation.

What's New in K.2?

So what kind of application requires a rock star of a loudspeaker like the KW? Consistent Coverage for Large Venues. With two 12" woofer cones and a frequency range of 44 Hz to Hz, the KSub is ideal for DJ setups, music playback in small bars, or mobile PAs that need easy-to-transport powered subs.

Set them up as side-fills on large stages. When you need coverage wider than 75 degrees, KWs work especially well when grouped in a cluster. Each KW weighs 87 pounds, with handles placed at just the right height to make them portable.

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With watts continuous and watts peak power, the KW is a serious sub. QSC also offers the KSub powered subwoofer.

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In this buying guide, you can compare K. Like its KW series siblings, the KW boasts a birch cabinet, plus casters that make it easy to move -- so you can get the dance floor moving faster.

QSC K.2 Series Loudspeakers

Even sound dispersion over a degree coverage angle means your K Bigger Bass Output, Less Distortion. While wood is heavier, it simply sounds better.

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Get a quick overview of the K. Flip the External Sub switch to engage a Hz high-pass filter and use your watts even more efficiently. Like its larger siblings, the K8.

QSC K.2 Series and KW Series Speakers

Pair them with KW subs in the corners of dance clubs. Or you can pole-mount any K.

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In plain English, K. Smoother lines, new cloth lining under grille, less obtrusive M10 fasteners, improved center of gravity for pole-mounting with addition of second pole cup QSC K KW series full-range speakers let you control high frequencies with application-specific EQ settings.

QSC K.2 Series Loud Speakers

The KWs are excellent "building blocks" of vertical arrays or clusters in large venues, where high SPL is needed at a long distance.

Easy access to DSP presets and custom settings - Built-in presets: Terms of use apply.

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The pound KSub has built-in quiet casters and ergonomic handles for easy transport. Still, the KW disperses sound over a well-contained degree coverage angle, which makes them a great candidate for cluster applications.

To get impressive bass output, all K. KW series speakers are made to be splayed. K Stands for Kilowatts: It delivers even coverage over a very wide degree angle, making efficient use of its watts.

QSC K.2 Series and KW Series Speakers

Digital Extension and Excursion Processing. And with its angled back corner, the K KWs are "long-throw" speakers: Beyond its incredible sound and solid build quality, the K8. Adjust and save your preset, crossover, delay, EQ, and input A and B sources - degree-angled corner: Ideal instrument amplification or portable PA The K.

Two or more KWs can be mounted together to cover a degree or wider angle, with minimal overlap -- unlike short- or medium-throw speakers whose wider dispersion patterns would cause comb filtering.

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Need another great reason to upgrade to KWs? The KW can simultaneously accept mic, line, and stereo RCA inputs, mix all 3 inputs within the speaker, and and then send output to a second daisy-chained KW The "W" in "KW" stands for wood.