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We knew within a few minutes the LiveX 15s were the winners, but we kept throwing different musical styles at them. Front power LED 4. At the listening preview, one of our guys that mixes at his own church was asking where the larger speaker was. Cast aluminum handles 5.

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As they say on TV, wait Refer to — Figure 12 1. Vertical pole socket Channel A pass-through output connector.

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One of the unique design choices that QSC has made in developing this speaker, and the qsc k series hookup that gives it consistent power response, is matching the coverage angle of the high frequency to the size of the low frequency driver. And remember, the right speaker for our room might not be the right speaker for your room.

We really wanted to hear the speakers. Neither was necessarily bad, but the EV had quite a bit more upper midrange to high end detail.

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With the 15s, we just wanted to keep going. Mark is a true acoustics engineer who understands the behavior of loudspeakers in the real world and how to apply both physics and digital qsc k series hookup processing to radically improve the standard portable 2-way loudspeaker.

As shipped from the factory, each pick point has a adhesive cover installed to retain the sleek look of the enclosure. Right off the bat, there was a very noticeable difference between the two.

The "K" series has the sound of a high quality recording studio monitor.

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Page 11 Inputs The K. The LiveX 12s, being a 90x50 box, actually fit perfectly. Based on the demo we heard in their small demo room, I was very interested. If the signal level at any frequency is too high, or the amplifier is too hot, the limiter is activated and the LED is illuminated.

I really did like the 12s, but the 15s were just OK.

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However, for us, the LiveX wins this one. Channel B pass-through output connector. Now, you do give up a few things with the LiveX.

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These yokes allow for rigid mounting to structures and rotation of the speaker system. Mark started out by making sure that the "K" series speakers would have consistent power response through the crossover frequencies.

Marketing fodder or genuine upgrade for the QSC K Series?

We threw them up on the poles, popped in a little Zac Brown and after about 2 measures, Van and looked at each other with our mouths hanging open. After an hour, we called it quits. The answer is that they have!

Just give us a call at 1.

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Using very advanced Digital Signal Processing DSPbuilt into every K series loudspeaker, QSC analyzed and corrected scores of small aberrations in phase response that are present in any loudspeaker design. It took a few months of wrangling, but the truck finally delivered two palates of speakers to my dock.

Simonson, these speakers are the result of solid engineering principles and innovative design and manufacturing techniques: They actually bordered on harsh at times. It was pretty clear what the best choice was.

That Sunday, with the student band on stage, I again switched back and forth between the LiveX 15s and the K12s. With the 12s from both companies, once we hit around 96 dB, we really wanted to stop. Consistent power response means these speakers not only sound great when the speaker is aimed right at the listener, but they also sound great off-axis.

You can even hook up a simple remote volume control for installations!

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We started cleaning up. You can hear them for yourself through our "Try It Free" program. CCI Solutions has a priority shipment coming in and you can be one of the first on the list to get a pair by just giving us a call today! Since the K-series is sort of the new standard in this category, it seemed fitting to compare the LiveX to those.

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The larger the low frequency driver, say a 12" or 15" LF, the narrower the coverage angle of that speaker will become at the crossover frequency. The K series sound simply incredible! All of these design techniques are based upon fundamental physics which speaker designers have known about for years.

QSC K.2 Series

I can tell you that the K series speakers are like having recording studio monitor sound in a lightweight and compact package you can take to any gig or rig to provide an easy to hang permanent system in small and medium size rooms. That means more acoustical output than similar 2-way systems.

We set up the LiveX 12s and the KWs first, along with the subs. Second, they beefed up the LF drivers to handle more power and dissipate more heat.

As I said, there was a lot more detail in the high end, but it was accompanied by some unwanted artifacts in the K range.


M5 yoke-attachment points K. Though we were told the speakers were in stock and ready to ship, that turned out to be marketing-speak. This was a timely announcement as we are in the process of upgrading our PA in our student room.

Use other menu the Selector knob to select the Utility you want, then press the Enter button. We played around with them for a few hours and finally decided the LiveX 12s were the best choice for the room. The level controls on your mixer may now be brought up.