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Many people suspect that a third person is involved. A majority of the time we would talk it out with one another.

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Do you think she understands the burden of your schedule? In the past, if she does not have enough time for you, were you ever upset with her?

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How long have the two of you been distant? He then spent some time with her and her family. The job has a lot of put puttichai dating website, and each DJ has their own style.

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Mook Woranid is like my younger sister. After Songkran New YearI will probably have the opening ceremony for another lakorn which will be a remake. We never feel tense with each other on the set.

His family used to be in an agriculture business in Ratchaburi. But when I am free, I use that time for myself to rest.

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Fans speculated that both Push and Jui were at the same place based on photos they posted on their IGs. I give her the exact dates to which filming will probably be done. I usually go to the drama sets from 11 am onwards. The director then told me that Perfect Match was a bestselling book.

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Early life[ edit ] Dating headlines for girls in Ratchaburi, a province in central Thailand, Puttichai is the 4th son in the family of 6 sons.

How do you manage your time with this much work? Is it true that working as a radio DJ is your favourite job? Each character is different, which makes me want to develop my skills and do my best. The time we have to speak to each other has also decreased for about two to three months now.

The cause is due to his busy work schedule.

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Everything is up to the future. In a recent interview, Push also said that Jui brings him happiness. He stopped by to bring Jui plants since she loves plants.

I work as a radio DJ from 8 am to 10 am five days a week. The filming for Roy Leh Sanae Rai is almost done.

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Honestly, we have had problems pertaining to our conflicting schedules. Did you know that Pi Suea was a popular character form the novel? The two have gotten put puttichai dating service closer in comparison to before.

Career[ edit ] — The reporter referenced her old interview reminding her that she once said that if she brings someone home, that person is the one. It will probably air in the middle of the year. Puttichai had hoped to become a professional football player before getting persuaded into the entertainment scene by his school senior.

In the new TV series adaptation of Perfect Match, year-old actress Mook Woranid plays Junior, a girl who has to move to the countryside because of side effects from a facelift operation. At her new university, other students make fun of her face, but the charismatic Pi Suea steps in to protect her.

It was pretty hard. I love acting too.

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I would use it to go to the gym and exercise. I participated in a lot of activities and gradually became bolder. How do you manage to have such great chemistry with different actresses? What kind of projects are you working on right now? Push happened to be around the area in Ratchaburi to visit his parents because he just finished filming his lakorn.

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What about your love life? That gave me the energy to continue acting in other TV series. Push does not have the same amount of time to take care of Ann as before.

After this, will you find time to resolve things with Ann by taking her out to spend some quality time? I was initially criticised for my stiff acting, and that pushed me to work harder.