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But this was done not through speeches but through his own work, most of them being as personal works published by the Institute of Geography, beginning with The Geographic Monograph of Popular Republic of Romania and ending with the Historical-Geographical Atlas, but passing through the Geography of the Romanian Delta and the greatest Romanian geographical-cartographicalstudy, the National Geographic Atlas.

The monoclinal structural predisposition of the Western flank of the Piatra Craiului synclinal, which give the morphometric and morphographic characteristics to the whole slope, contributed to the formation of a network gully erosion extremely fully torrent, speculated by the snow which fulfills the flowing conditions.

We believe that this work is a good help to those who made deals with the study of high-Carpathian areas, bringing the main tasks that need to be investigated carefully in future. In many touristic places, the development of the tourism is blocked by the lack of access and the poor transportation.

The 7th chapter is based on the own author research and reflects the optional subjects impact on the students, to their parents, on the geography teachers, on the schools managers, on the schools and local communities and also, on the quality of the students education.

Each program, for an immediate application, comprises a presentation note or motivation, the references objectives, the learning activities types in relation with the proposed objectives, the study themes or contents, the evaluation modalities, a pusca bistra online dating bibliography and methodological suggestions.

As well as before the appearing of the study on the Godeanu Mountains, his preoccupations on geomorphology of the Southern Carpathians carried on with the following of some representative aspects, extending even to the Curve Carpathians.

Annually, the forests are affected by avalanches on tens of hectars. What he realized in cartography iliza dating show an important part of his scientifical activity but not the dominant one as he was first of all a good and pusca bistra online dating researcher of the relief.

His preoccupation included the research and geomorphological knowledge of the mountain space, the problems of evolution and formation of the leveling surfaces, the effects of glacial modeling in different litological and structural conditions and the aspects on the present modeling.

Among other European pusca bistra online dating which had socialist economies, Romania is still behind. In this work there are concentrated the results of researches of many years and there are followed till details the forms and processes from alpine layer.

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For the period covered by the chronologies, i. Is there any possibility to preserve the existing cultural patrimony for tourism development? All these can be used in the proposed form, or they can be adapted to the own specific of typical particularities of the schools.

Even though the present intensity of the periglacial processes from the subalpine domain of these mountains is considerably lower then in the Pleistocene, fact confirmed by the high number of fossil periglacial forms, the present dynamic of the landforms cannot under any circumstance exclude the cryonival of shaping the relief.

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The rural localities do not subscribe in the accommodation touristic structures because they are not crossed by European highways, although well head hook up are considered to be touristic stops in the transit tourism.

A good cooperation between the all actors that are involved in the promotion of the sustainable development can lead to aviable model that should be successfully applied to others regions. Timisoara, the city of parks or the city of gardens as it is well known from a long time in history, has a mix system of green areas due to the general form of the town and the way in which the green areas were created.

This book of didactic geography is an important tool for all that are interested by the quality learning and teaching of the geographical contents in the pre-university educational system from contemporary Romania. The habitat represents the material structure of the mental and ethnographic spaces Cocean, from which Tara Almajului is part of.

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The water pollution is a process that modifies its specific physicochemical and biological properties, which led to restriction or special measures of decontamination so the water may be used for different activities.

For the development of the transportation sector, a development plan for the period has been created, which aims for: The usage of GIS in the study of karst relief of Cernei Mountains from Meridionali Carpathians proved to be highly useful through the possibility of making correlations of grate complexity and through the visualization of some information materialized in different types of maps.

Besides the work of organizing and leading, he is author or co-author in the annex of the maps from the Geographic Monograph of RPR and the Geography of the Romanian Danube Valleyin the Historical-Geographical Atlas and especially in the National Geographical Atlasfor which he elaborated wither indi-vidually or in collaboration 17 maps at scale 1: Another approach can be done by analysing the general and specific indicators for the touristy industry in the areas characterized by a high economic development and in the counties situated in the Carpathian area.

His efforts for spreading his knowledge about the Romanian Carpathians are reflected also by his translations from French language and the reediting in the Romanian language with notes and commentaries of thestudies made by Emm.

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This method allows appreciating the weathering degree and the relative ages of the constitutive rocks of erratics, in the situation in which the degree of weathering is an indicator of the surface ages.

It is aiming the construction of two districts composed by wooden houses and other endowments that will satisfy the all requirements for tourists that are visiting this part of Romania. Results from a 3 Winter Seasons Work Abstract: In a particular way, this study presents, together with the general problems the local peculiarities, the specific of resources and tourist potential, the local offerstwo projects of tourist development that determine a close collaboration between the authorities, investors and the real estate companies.

Over the years, there have been registered in this area, the complete damage of two huts, the partial damage of a refuge cabin and a victim. The touristic reception structures which have accommodation functions show the way in which the process of touristic resources capitalization takes place as well as the quality of the touristic services there is in these units.

Knowing the present configuration of the dynamic element and of all the mechanisms would allow the implementation of certain interventions so that to avoid demographic and social risks on one hand and to understand the phenomenon of development stagnation as a temporally limited phenomenon on the other hand.

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The article treats avalanches particularities in the Bucegi Mountains. He had one advantage: The paper makes some assessments on the geology and geomorphology of the Quaternary in the Wallachian Depression an area situated in the Mehedinti Bend of the Carpathian-Balkan Chain.

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Starting of this designs we can know and interpret the structure of glacial and post-glacial deposits from postglacial in-filled glacial depressions and, very important thing, the depth and configuration of the surface contact with bedrock. The current script tries to take out of the tourism anonymous the mentioned area and to identify results that can be achieved through tourism development.

In time, due to the labor market and the perception of the personal development context the spatial discrepancies of economical and social development determine a certain demographic configuration and interrelated a certain emigrational behavior for work.

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Dragomirescu, notes, comments, forward, chronological tables, editors V. Making a SWOT analysis over all types of transportation in Romania offers a complete view about the problems the tourism faces on a regional and local level.

It is not easy to define rural areas of Hungary, so it is not easy to define rural tourism as well. A regional avalanche activity index RAAI was developed to help differentiate widespread regional avalanche activity from avalanche events resulting from local factors.

His first published works belong to those years and in spite of hiscompetence in those unfavorable conditions these did not count in front of the persons leading an absurd ideology. Winters were characterized not only by temperature regime, but also by other climatic parameters in order to better reflect the local climatic conditions e.

Besides of the thematic volumes and the contributions to the large collective works of the Institute of Geography as very important being the over articles published in speciality reviews referring to the mountain space of Prahova-Buzau Subcarpathians with a slight accent on the Subcarpathian region, the one which offered to study diverse problems.

Sometimes he had into attention not only the mountain units but also the works with touristic and general information content for the whole Prahova area Prahova — tourist guide, Teleajen Valley, Prahova County to which he was mainly connected.

What happened?

The obtained values have shown big concentration at the nitrogen compounds. In the future, I order to attract more tourists, it is necessary to modernize the current touristic structures and to build more touristic units.

Some of these are discussed in the article, but the original approach captures issues that were not mentioned before. The evaluation of the main aspects characteristic of the mountainous tourism is shown through the mountainous resorts.

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It illustrates the conceptual clarification, the functions of these subjects, the normative framework of the didactical principles, the typology of these disciplines and some concretely examples of the optional subjects.

It was a very responsible role, especially in the cartography of geographic phenomena, solving problems for the whole thematic geographic cartogra-phy. Therefore this study presents a detailed geomorphologic map of the glacial and periglacial landforms, a typological and morphometric analysis of the glacial landforms, and other geomorphologic conclusions.

Volumul al II-lea debuteaza cu capitolul dedicat meteorizatiei, privita ca sistem morfogenetic ubicuu si de mare complexitate, cu efecte geomorfologice distincte, dependente direct de conditiile de mediu, abordarea fiind una suficient de meticuloasa pentru a convinge asupra particularitatilor si specificului meteorizatiei prin toate formele sale de exprimare.

Fiind vorba de editia a II-a — pentru noi este un semn clar al modului cum a fost primita prima editie si a disponibilitatii autorilor de a se osteni pentru o noua editie — calitativ superioara precedentei, chemarea spre lectura, treptat, treptat tot mai captivanta, desigur pentru cei cu adevarat chemati spre geomorfologie, fiind facuta de catre motto-urile atent alese.

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Nineteen yrs of high-magnitude avalanche occurrence were identified,,,,and Although, over the years, the treatment of the waste water from the chemical plant was improved, the pollution of phreatic sheet remains and all because of the diffuse pollution that is very hard to control.

The paper describes the Quaternary lithostratigraphic units from the Wallachian Depression in Muntenia and Oltenia and gives an assessment of lithology, age and palaeo-environments.

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At present, the road transportation network of Bihor county has various deficiencies. In contrast of the mass-tourism, the prosperity of the rural tourism is a relatively new phenomena in Hungary. The Cerna Valley of Hunedoara represents an unknown areal from the tourism point of view.

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Within the development of the Romania tourism the infrastructure concerning the communication means is considered to be a great issue.