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A pearl is not supposed to sneak around at night away from their master, but she was doing some for her master, so she thought of it as innocent play. I then spotted Alissa by my car, waiting for me.

Her face seemed to have a pink glow, despite the almost bitter look it bore. The three gems seemed to have very solemn faces, but Pearl kept smiling despite the obvious. The warp pad began to twinkle softly as it powered up.

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Her eyes fell upon rose, questioning her actions, but decided to not speak. Pearl squeezed her eyes shut as her petite hands scratched at the brute. Garnet led the group away from the temple to the single warp point to Earth.

Pearl was confused by her touch. The thought of herself getting caught was exhilarating. That was the first time that Pearl looked up to Rose as a goddess.

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Rose was her world for as long as she could remember. She knew the plan was to leave homeworld and exile themselves to Earth. Their bodies were grey like the uselessness they now were.

There was now a contract between the two gems and only Jasper could break it.

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Tiny star accents were embroidered into the white tulle. The lights in the dim room began flashing red. I do not own Steven Universe. I tried to avoid looking at the little black glass ball tucked discreetly in the corner of the ceiling. The hallway of the Diamond Temple was dark and silent.

Pearl whipped her head to face Jasper.

Chapter 12

Pearl tried her best to not show too much emotion, but the fear was going to consume her. I looked over at Jake and walked up and hugged him goodbye. Jasper extended her hand out to Pearl. Jakeyyyy runs up to him and kisses him Jake: Wanna hang out today?

Erika just stands there calmly, looking at her from the side of her eye, then looks down and up at me. Rose placed one of her protection shields around the warp pad as Pearl entered the warp pad.

Since the humans of Beach City were not capable of handling something this major, then it would have to be up to the gems to fix it, despite possibly having no earlier involvement in it. Pearl shook in fear at what was to come next. He walked past the display of glass sea animals and rested his elbow on the counter.

Rose Quartz looked at Pearl across the table with a sad smile.

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Garnet agreed to this plan, but she knew there was something Rose was not telling them. A quiet aura fell upon the now silent world. Pearl coughed a bit before pushing herself up weakly.

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Pearl whipped her head around as she came up to a door in the middle of the dark corridor. Your precious Pink Diamond left you behind! Rose bent down a bit and kissed one tear away before pulling back.

Even with a sad face, Rose was still the most beautiful gem in the universe to Pearl. Either she was getting stronger or my ears were longing more for the call of home.

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Turning on her heel, she began to sprint away. A tall, round figure sat at a small round table with two other figures.

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The whole ocean had disappeared in just a few hours. I heard a serious of stifled laughs. This is the third time this week I had been asked about "that night" by the locals. She wished for the gem to shatter her gem and put her out of this misery. Looks her up and down, then walks past her shoving her shoulder with her own shoulder.

Pearl ignored the world and cried into her knees. When the both of them went to the Kindergarten, she can remember them bringing young Amethyst back home for the first time.

I had looked over at Erika and she was following me to my car. Pearl then felt her heart break in two.

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Her body slowly snuck inside before she stuck her head into the corridor once more to dart her eyes once more for precaution.

Whale Tails, was the name of the tourist trap where I now spent most of my day. It seems like it Jake. Pearl held her hand to her mouth suppressing the urge to get sick. She stayed on this planet to guard it and to protect all live that came with it, not cause it any harm.

What was going to happen?