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They crash to the bottom of the pit, where a fuming mad Yeong demands to know why she pushed him. Ra-on says defensively that the runaway woman had suffered a lot english pagdating ng panahon full that household, and that the slave was her only comfort.

They walk a bit, until suddenly Yeong shoves Ra-on against a tree with a knife to her neck. Yeong clenches his jaw. The man demands to know who she is, and Ra-on cautiously looks up.

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Yeong keeps pressing Ra-on onward, and when they arrive at a particular tree by the roadside, she thinks fast for a solution. As it was winter in Seoul at the time and the average daily temperature was below 10 degree Celsius that month.

Once alone, Ra-on tends to her wounds—it turns out the blood was all her own, the wound inflicted upon her leg. So Yeong grabs Ra-on close and holds her right up to himself, catching her off-guard.

The teacher drops to his knees in abject apology, and then Yeong grins, saying he was just teasing. With a sigh, Yeong enters and tosses a book down, its pages full of drawings of faces.

The soldier asks how she knows so much and angles for a closer look at her face, while she shrinks back—just as Yoon-sung swoops in to block her from sight.

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The head court lady agrees to pretend the letter never came. Even loyal Eunuch Jang sighs that the prince went too far this time and hopes for a bright new recruit to add to their ranks. They deliver her to a building and shut her inside with a beady-eyed, red-nosed man sharpening his many knives.

Sharp eyes, this one. Yeong makes one last-ditch attempt to keep up the act before giving up the ruse.

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The king meets with Prime Minister Kim, who happens to also be his father-in-law. The prime minister smirks and walks off. The pit is loosely covered by grass at the moment, and Ra-on pauses there for a pee break. Ha, are you reading something naughty?

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Return of Korean Horror". Ra-on arrives back in the city by nightfall, and comes upon freshly posted wanted notices: The man approaches with his blade in hand, and Ra-on backs away in horror, insisting that she absolutely cannot be made a eunuch.

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Park Shin-hye EverythingAsian FANDOM powered by Wikia michigan dating during divorce dating how to find the right guy bipolar dating website hook up portable oxygen tank apostolic christian dating dating sites local Park is also the first Korean star to be chosen as a model for Visa[63] and the first Korean celebrity to be chosen as a global ambassador for Austrian jewelry brand Swarovski.

Yeong orders her to march home so he can confirm his identity for himself, and Ra-on has no choice but to walk on. She slaps him, to his shock. Then he spots the guards stationed at the pier to greet his return, which he finds embarrassing.

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The prime minister has punished thieving citizens with the death penalty, arguing that leniency will spur them to take more. As he reads aloud, smiles turn to frowns while the prince and his teacher exchange uneasy glances. These pretty boys should be just cherry on top,please writer-nim.

All I can say is that the casting is one area where this drama is definitely not lacking …. Yeong gets huffy at being called a Flower Scholar, then glares at the swearing grandma. Ha, is she your puppy now? Flower Boys Next Door. His face is shrouded in shadows, but then the clouds clear away from the moon, illuminating his face slowly.

She looks a bit simple, smiling blankly and eating away happily. She freezes, then quickly ducks out of sight, managing to evade notice.

So Ra-on advises Lonelyhearts to stay away for ten days to make her wonder, and he dutifully obeys. On the way, a swordsman in black bumps into her Kwak Dong-yeonand he stares intently before walking on ahead.

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They clearly care about each other, but her father seems intent on her leaving him and continuing her life. Outside the door, a disheveled Yeong is back from his pit adventure and overhears the conversation, which seems to anger him.

She is the first actress to embark on such journey. The series Coffee House was a welcome change for her; after having mainly taken on serious or dark characters, Park said she had been "dying to be in a romantic comedy. She asks where she is, and he informs her in a drunken slur that this is where men get turned into eunuchs.

Despite insisting he wanted her gone, he has to be prodded to leave. Then he turns thunderous and warns her to get him out of the pit, or else.

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Ra-on is led along with all the other eunuch recruits toward the palace. The crown prince has disappeared again. The knife-master puffs up at the praise and pours himself another drink as he brags about how good he is at this job.

Ra-on cringes, and Yeong tips her face up to his. When she looks up, she notices the posted sign recruiting eunuchs, and notes their generous pay—enough to repay her debt and have money left over. He offers to lift her up first this time and grabs her around the middle to raise her up.

Ra-on returns to her shop, where her dorky client, Young Master Jung, insists that she take his place in meeting his sweetheart.

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He grabs her and insists that he will continue to save her from all harm in the future. The king finds death an overly harsh punishment for stealing food. Eunuch Jang wails in frustration.

Yoon-sung notices Ra-on standing next to her own wanted poster, and clocks her nervousness at seeing patrolling soldiers nearby. Her debt is at least in part due to her ailing father, who grumpily reminds Ra-on that they barely have money for food, much less his medicine.

His teacher gapes at the strange flying paper, and Yeong coins its name then and there: InYoon stars in the historical romance melodrama Grand Prince.

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When Yoon-sung turns back to say one last thing, he finds her gone. Ra-on prods him to consider meeting his lady, rather than just writing letters back and forth. He comes to a gathering in the square, where a crowd watches a performing troupe put on a comical show, with Ra-on and her father portraying the king and the crown prince as buffoonish characters.

He says he came alone today in the hopes that Young Master Jung would be a decent fellow.

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And since she took his money, she sighs and bucks up the nerve to complete her task, turning to face the man—Yeong, of course, not that she knows who he is. I mean, your means are a little crude but you mean well.