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In the early 20th century, an unsuccessful attempt was made to replace the insistence on titles with ni—the standard second person plural pronoun ordbok svenska finska online dating to the French vous.

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Important outside influences during this time came ordbok svenska finska online dating the firm establishment of the Christian church and various monastic orders, introducing many Greek and Latin loanwords. This typeface was in use until the midth century, when it was gradually replaced with a Latin typeface often antiqua.

Those influenced by German capitalized all nouns, while others capitalized more sparsely. Swedish phonology The vowel phonemes of Central Standard Swedish [45] Swedish dialects have either 17 or 18 vowel phonemes9 long and 9 short.

Ni wound up being used as a slightly less familiar form of du, the singular second person pronoun, used to address people of lower social status. It was not until the 17th century that spelling began to be discussed, around the time when the first grammars were written.

The masculine and feminine genders were later merged into a common gender with the definite suffix -en and the definite article den, in contrast with the neuter gender equivalents -et and det.

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The fact that the listener should preferably be referred to in the third person tended to further complicate spoken communication between members of society.

Municipalities with a Swedish majority, mainly found along the coast, used Swedish as the administrative language and Swedish-Estonian culture saw an upswing.

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Only a handful of speakers remain. Among its highest priorities is to maintain intelligibility with the language spoken in Sweden.

However, most Swedish-speaking people fled to Sweden before the end of World War IIthat is, before the invasion tv en vivo argentina online dating Estonia by the Soviet army in This language underwent more changes that did not spread to all of Scandinavia, which resulted in the appearance of two similar dialects: In Sweden, it has long been used in local and state government, and most of the educational system, but remained only a de facto primary language with no official status in law until According to the United States Censussome 67, people over the age of five were reported as Swedish speakers, though without any information on the degree of language proficiency.

This is reflected in runic inscriptions where the older read stain and the later stin. Unlike Proto-Norse, which was written with the Elder Futhark alphabet, Old Norse was written with the Younger Futhark alphabet, which had only 16 letters.

The verb system was also more complex: With the industrialization and urbanization of Sweden well under way by the last decades of the 19th century, a new breed of authors made their mark on Swedish literature. Nounsadjectivespronouns and certain numerals were inflected in four cases; besides the extant nominativethere were also the genitive later possessivedative and accusative.

As ofit was the first or sole native language of 7.

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The title translated to English reads: Though the reform was not an act of any centralized political decree, but rather the result of sweeping change in social attitudes, it was completed in just a few years, from the late s to early s.

Old Swedish Old Swedish Swedish: The Swedish-speaking minority was represented in parliamentand entitled to use their native language in parliamentary debates. Previously, the proper way to address people of the same or higher social status had been by title and surname.

It depended on the authors and their background.

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A bill was proposed in that would have made Swedish an official language, but failed to pass by the narrowest possible margin — due to a pairing-off failure. The gender system resembled that of modern Germanhaving masculine, feminine and neuter genders.

The New Testament was published infollowed by a full Bible translation inusually referred to as the Gustav Vasa Biblea translation deemed so successful and influential that, with revisions incorporated in successive editions, it remained the most common Bible translation until Besides a great number of loanwords for such areas as warfare, trade and administration, general grammatical suffixes and even conjunctions were imported.

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It has published Finlandssvensk ordbok, a dictionary about the differences between Swedish in Finland and Sweden. The combination "ao" was similarly rendered ao, and "oe" became oe.

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Although the dictionaries have a prescriptive element, they mainly describe current usage. After the loss of Estonia to the Russian Empire in the early 18th century, around 1, Estonian Swedish speakers were forced to march to southern Ukrainewhere they founded a village, Gammalsvenskby "Old Swedish Village".

The orthography finally stabilized and became almost completely uniform, with some minor deviations, by the time of the spelling reform of After assuming power, the new monarch Gustav Vasa ordered a Swedish translation of the Bible.

All three translators came from central Sweden which is generally seen as adding specific Central Swedish features to the new Bible. It is one of the earliest texts in Swedish written in the Latin script. The dialects are described as "runic" because the main body of text appears in the runic alphabet.

Swedish is one of the official languages of the European Unionand one of the working languages of the Nordic Council.