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In addition to this seven-fold division, history is also divided into three ages: The pope then summarizes Gregory: Olivi interpreted the seven visions of the Apocalypse as seven sequential states status of the Church: Expedit pro amore perfectionis propri This is done to designate more fully that, in the sixth and seventh states, there is a solemn end of the previous times and a certain new and solemn age For an example, see note Intelligit enim, ut patet Wie funktioniert nsa hookups but revealing is the focus on the primacy of the Roman Church in the comparison of the fifth and sixth ages.

Glossing the passage from the Apocalypse, Gregory cites Richard of St.

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And when Babylon, the whore, and the beast carrying her will be at her height, then it will be a most dark night, of which it is said in the Psalms. But Prosper proves the contrary by the example of the saints: Here he provides more specific and conventional considerations of temporal and spiritual power.

But Gregory adds some additional arguments beyond what he had already said: But to him and to his [followers] who say the door of the Scriptures and of knowledge is open to them above others, just as is had in the tenth article, it can be said what Job says to his friends, just as the person of the Church to hereticsWhen you die, wisdom must die too?

MS Paris BnF lat. Whatsoever I have heard from my Father I have made known to you [Jo.

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The Babylonic Church, led by a mystical anti-Christ would persecute the new spiritual men until she is destroyed by a opulentia latino dating invading army.

Nor could it be, for that matter, because of perfection of life: He also notes several instances where Gregory asserts that Olivi contradicted himself Often such bracketing occurs without the repetition of words and, in fact, marginal braces are the most common form of annotation in MS Paris BnF lat.

Sicut enim ex sequentibus aparet per hanc meretricem int He understands, indeed, as is clear from what follows, that this whore is the Roman Church which is now in flower and honor, and when she will be in greater temporal honor, then she will be in a worse state as far as God is concerned, and she will do much evil, by favoring the bad and persecuting the good, and she will be blinded to the knowledge of God Francis has it, and that in the whole Church before blessed Francis there was neither the life of Christ nor evangelical life From Jerusalem the whole world would be converted again to Christianity.

Gregory here comes close to calling Olivi a heretic: You have appointed darkness and it is night; in it shall all the beasts of the wood go about Ps. That will be the seventh age of the Church lasting until the end of time Moreover, to imply that there is no salvation with riches possessed individually or in common as with the Church of the fifth state is the error of the Waldensians After all, she has written into the catalogue of the saints many monks and priests of the fifth age as perfect imitators of Christ, though they did not have the perfection which Olivi attributes to the sixth state, that is, of not having anything individually nor in common I have relied on a recent account: A long quotation from the Moralia in Job is then produced about the utility of worldly goods, at the end of which Gregory concludes: Temporal power as such is barely worth considering since the LSA testifies that the Roman Church will lose her temporal power and the whole world will be subject to the anti-Christ.

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Are you then men alone … I also have a heart as well as you, neither am I inferior to you Job Gregory shifts his focus from Olivi to the heretics i. However, it is erroneous to say this concerning the universal Church whose head is Roman, and concerning the Roman Church herself, because Christ will never leave his Church Gregory notes that if this is true, then there is not one Church.

Here there is a suggestion of heresy with the contradiction of the Nicene creed, Credo … unam … ecclesiam. Gregory takes it for granted that there cannot be holiness greater than that of the Apostles given all the miracles associated with them.

This is similar to the error of the Adamites who, abnegating everything of this world, considered themselves alone to be in a state of perfection — concerning these Augustine in the Book of Heresies says that they imitate the nudity of Adam in paradise If one understands the Church in the later way, in a certain sense she can be called a whore but not absolutely So the pope writes things like: In terms of spiritual power, however, Gregory simply mentions that Christ gave to St.

The core themes of the censure are present in its first three articles and for this reason I will examine them in detail below. The sixth state, beginning roughly with St.


In response, Gregory paraphrases another authority from canon law often cited in the apostolic poverty debate of Gregory explains how Olivi understands this passage As the censure is highly repetitive, with certain core themes being returned to again and again, it is not surprising that the pope did not actively engage the entire report.

This last age, in the sixth and seventh states of the Church, would witness a conflict between the followers of the evangelical poverty and Babylon, the carnal elements in the Church. Likewise, Olivi is said to understand that: Victor who reads the nuptials of the Lamb eschatologically, before concluding: But, as we will see later, the language of primacy is taken from the LSA itself As the cross-reference suggests, Gregory returns to the question of knowledge and contemplation in later articles viz.

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The end of the error reads: The reassuring prediction of the future is noted by the pope here and elsewhere Thus, the perfectively imitative state of the life of Christ just as this one […] should be preferred to all others