AT&T Uverse without using the Motorola NVG Modem - [Solved] - Networking AT&T Uverse without using the Motorola NVG Modem - [Solved] - Networking

Nvg510 motorola how to hook up, step 1: access your router

Click on the button called "User Specified Custom Port Probe" to check whether the ports you entered are open on your router.

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What do I do? To do this there are several sites that will scan your ports.

How to change DNS settings to fix NVG510 issues

If your ports are open and everything was configured correctly you should be ready to connect to your DVR.

Under the "Custom Services" section is where you will enter the Port Rules that you will need for port forwarding.

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There are no more steps required in your router to operate with the NVG For most routers, the default IP address is The first field is labeled "Service Name. Unfortunately I cannot attend to users comments anymore, so I have disabled the commenting option - if you follow the instructions in this post carefully, it will solve your problems - really.

The manual provided on this site was printed from that link.

Follow this link to download the manual from this site, with the following disclaimer: I hope this feedback is flirtomatic cws set 14000 n to benefit others.

If you do not know your login information you can either look up the manufacturer defaults online, or call your internet service provider for help with these credentials. It seems the NVG handles all the authentication for us: Now added instructions on changing specific DNS settings on computers.

Two things to note: Update the settings as follows: Intro The two most common problems are: Port forwarding with your router is a process of making "port rules" within your router that point internet traffic to your DVR.

Find the Port Forwarding section You need to find the appropriate section within your router to enter the port rules.

Motorola NVG510 help page for AT&T U-Verse users

Copyright belongs to its respective owners. If you have a router such as a residential WiFi routerthis process is very easy.

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There are two input fields for Global Port Range. When you are out of the office or away on vacation you will then be able to view your security cameras without having to be in front of the DVR.

NVG Main page [click to enlarge My web pages partially load e. To ensure everything takes effect, turn off your router unplug if no power switch.

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First at the top of the page there will be several tabs to select. If there are no conflicts on your network with these ports already being used and you wish to use these port numbers please go ahead. Once both rules have been made, go on to the next step to point these rules to your DVR.

Select the one that you created in Step 3, in our case it is "Video For this Motorola router, each port rule is called a "Service Entry. You will need to adjust settings on both the NVG and your router. Here are the details: When the page reloads, you will then type just the two port numbers in the input bar separated by a comma such as "81, " not "port 81, port Your ISP is blocking these or all ports from being used for whatever reason and you will have to contact them to resolve this issue.

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Under "Display Exhibits" choose "Detail". This can be done through a wired or wireless connection. Go over the log. You can also change the IP address to suit your local network. Then, in this router, set the DNS servers manually.

Motorola NVG Port Forwarding Guide / CCTV Camera World, Experts in Security Camera Systems

You can also read more details in this blog post. Then plug in your NVG and power-on the router at same time is fine; otherwise, do modem then router. This seems to be a crucial step. My WordPress insists of constantly changing the pagination of this page - apologies. Making it work requires configuring both the NVG and the router manually.

The "default gateway" and "dns" are both set to that of the NVG address.

Once you are logged into your router you can continue to the next step. In our case we changed it to For both, put the port number you are making the rule for. If the status next to the port numbers is "Open", then the port rules should be applied correctly and you are done.

If lines similar to the following appear, then you are having the DNS issues other people have: It mostly fits the modems sent to consumers homes, but some interfaces mainly the command line interface seem to be disabled.

Access your router The first step is to access your router to make the necessary port rules.

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The end result of the network setup is depicted here: If it will continue for long, I will be closing commenting. If your router is something along the lines of Confirm your Ports are Open Once you make these port rules and add them to "Hosted Applications" it is a good idea to scan the ports to make sure they are open for internet traffic.

Be sure to SAVE the changes.