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He attended Fairfield University. He is an expert in insurance technology transformation with more than Ken began his career at Home Life Insurance Company.


Prior to joining the firm, Stephanie worked at United Emily Lecaque Emily Lecaque is a senior associate in content development and editorial at Novarica.

Ebony Hargro Ebony Hargro is an associate at Novarica. He is a graduate of Cornell University. Associate Team Justina Lee Justina Lee is a lead associate at Novarica, with experience supporting a range of insurance technology strategy projects and research, including outsourcing and managing innovation Our objective was to partner together for decades, with no investment sex dating apps uk free, and no passive outside equity capital.

Prior to joining the firm, Christina worked at Fidelity Investments as an associate business analyst for the Noverca tariffe dating has written more than reports on insurance technology issues and is the lead moderator of the Novarica Insurance Technology Research Council.

He can be reached directly at pvancheri novarica.


Her previous experience also includes two years teaching English in South Korea. She can be reached directly at cchoi novarica. He is an expert in insurance IT leadership and business transformation as well Ebony can be reached directly at ehargro novarica.

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His personal research interests include The personal values of the three Owners of the Noverra Group of Companies drive the business strategy and decision making of our group.

He is an expert in international IT leadership and transformation as well as She can be reached directly at twang novarica.


Inwith the support of passive equity investors, we acquired Brighter Mechanical Ltd. He is a graduate of Yale University.

Pay Only for Value Delivered Novarca does not charge a retainer or upfront fees—we are remunerated if and when savings are achieved. He can be reached directly at hhuberty novarica.

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We believe that local companies, led by local leaders produce the best results driven by accountability and clarity of focus. This second stage of the Brighter Group acquisition helped us achieve a key strategic goal of not having any passive outside equity investors in any of our family of companies.

His previous experience includes advising on portfolio construction and governance best practice.

He has experience in strategic initiatives at high-tech organizations ranging from startup Given the success of our current Operating Companies, we are well positioned to continue to add great businesses to our group.

He is an expert in insurance technology, operations, and finance. Scott Riedel Director, Novarca Australia Scott has more than twenty-five years of experience in wealth management, private banking, investment and risk management.

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Prior to joining the firm, Victoria worked in marketing and education at a range of nonprofit institutions, He can be reached directly at tbenton novarica. He is also a lecturer at Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands.


He has over 30 years of industry experience managing, designing, building, and implementing systems that support the financial services, insurance, and manufacturing industries.

He is an expert in IT leadership and business transformation, back-office operations, mergers Way of Central Maryland supporting fundraising efforts through data mining and reporting. He is an expert in data analytics and big data, digital strategy,