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The knob has a built-in steam vent. Lightweight While I love my heavy duty cast iron, tri-ply copper bottomed pots and pans, they are heavy and put strain on my wrists.

If you also like to do high heat cooking, like searing steaks, get an additional cast-iron pan for that purpose.

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Neoflam cookware is perfect for… People who like to cook healthy, with minimal oil. The set is great for cooking vegetables, eggs, seafood, chicken, pork low to medium heat cooking.

The large pots have no rivets to collect grease and food. The knob stays cool with the exception of the steam vent.

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Beautiful design This simply is the most beautiful set of cookware! Instead of pre-heating a regular pan denise huth dating apps minutes, the Neoflam is ready in 15 seconds to use. When my kids cook, they always grab a pot from this set.

Neoflam Retro Ceramic Cookware Review & Giveaway • Steamy Kitchen Recipes

Also, all the pots and pans are really easy to clean — no need to use the scrubby side of the sponge. I like nonstick cookware…. Frying Pan too high The included frying pan is really a saute pan.

Because of the ceramic material, the manufacturer suggests low to medium heat cooking.

Let’s start with the PROs!

If you keep the grips on while the pot is on the stove, the silicone will get too hot to handle. Neoflam is made in Korea. The colors are matte and muted.

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This is one of my favorite features. Eggs slide right off with minimal oil. Make sure you use plastic, silicone or wood utensils.


The Neoflam is so light — easy to lift, wash, cook with. The entire pot gets hot, including the handles. I used a metal serving spoon once and scratched it a tiny bit.

The result is a healthier choice for people and the environment.

Neoflam Eela vs Vremi Nonstick Ceramic: Reviews, Prices, Specs and Alternatives

It is applied to the interior and exterior of our cookware, which extends the life of the product and ensures it is easy to use and maintain. But if you want to make blacken chicken or get really good sear marks, use a different pan. The handle is fine, but just discolored.

Heats up super fast!

(XTORIA) NEOFLAM 24cm Frypan*ECOLON Reverse Marble Colour Series! Wokpan available

Amazon sells some of their products — take a look. Electric and gas friendly. Rivets are notoriously hard to clean. Silicone Grips Included in the package are two silicone grips that you just slide right on to the handles.