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Times, Sunday Times By tapering the roof around the bedrooms and angling the front facade of the house, you maximise space on the ground floor, where you need it most.

The facade can at times be required to have a fire-resistance ratingfor instance, if two buildings are very close together, to lower the likelihood of fire spreading from one building to another.

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Some building codes also limit the percentage of window area in exterior walls. Firestops for such building joints can be qualified, too. Putting fire sprinkler systems on each floor has a profoundly positive effect on the fire safety of buildings with curtain walls.

In general, the facade systems that are suspended or attached to the precast concrete slabs will be made from aluminium powdercoated or anodized or stainless steel.

In film sets, they are simply held up with supports from behind, and sometimes have boxes for actors to step in and out of from the front if necessary for a scene. Whether rated or not, fire protection is always a design consideration.

When the exterior wall is not rated, the perimeter slab edge becomes a junction where rated slabs are abutting an unrated wall.

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The earliest usage recorded by the Oxford English Dictionary is Read more… All die bunkers are still there and they built the facade of the house.

Times, Sunday Times And why would you need windows on the street when the entire rear facade is glass?

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In recent years more lavish materials such as titanium have sometimes been used, but due to their cost and susceptibility to panel edge staining these have not been popular. Jepson, Tim Umbria - the green heart of Italy If we can manage to save the framework of the building and the facade it gives you hope that the thing could be rebuilt.

Within theme parks, they are usually decoration for the interior ride or attraction, which is based on a simple building design. Times, Sunday Times He craves legitimacy, which is why he maintains the facade of democracy.

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Film sets and theme parks[ edit ] On a film set and within most themed attractions, many of the buildings are only facades, which are far cheaper than actual buildings, and not subject to building codes within film sets.

For example, in the city of BathThe Bunch of Grapes in Westgate Street appears to be a Georgian building, but the appearance is only skin deep and some of the interior rooms still have Jacobean plasterwork ceilings.

Times, Sunday Times The architects now plan to erect a glass facade at the back, uniting the three homes but preserving the original brickwork. The Sun And the winner was Times, Sunday Times While your efforts were successfulmaintaining this facade has restricted you more than you expected.

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Examples include curtain walls and precast concrete walls. Times, Sunday Times The house spans three floors and is flooded with light, thanks to an enormous glass facade.

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Times, Sunday Times With a jaunty blue and white facade, and just the right amount of maritime touches in the decor, this is an irresistible coastal home. Times, Sunday Times Meanwhile, the building of the facade had run into difficulties.

Times, Sunday Times The grand facade at the north of the square is worth a warming visittoo. Times, Sunday Times This grand arena was originally built to hold more than 50, and many of the original outer walls and facade still stand tall today. Times, Sunday Times All windows are triple glazedand the south-facing facade has large glass sections that let in daylight and keep the need for artificial light to a minimum.