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Because of his intelligence, Sam is usually assigned the role of researching information for hunts; he is the "brain", whilst Dean is the "muscle". Before this part of the deal can be carried out, Billie is killed by Castiel.

He was taught by Dean to use it as a way to discern hallucination from reality. Relationships Sam and Dean - Sam and Dean are brothers.

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Like Dean, Sam often wears multiple layers of clothing namely plaid shirts as well as jeans and boots. Even though Jack was the son of his most hated enemy, Sam did not bear any ill will to him and was the only one to truly understand his pain.

Sam tends to be driven by feelings of anger and vengeance. He decides to pray to God for guidance.

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He killed his maternal grandfather Samuel Campbell in Season 6. Sam and Bobby - Bobby was like a father to the boys. His soul mixed up shook up girl lyrics boz scaggs lido a year and a half in Hell which is about years.

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He also took responsibility in his part of starting the apocalypse. Sam is one of three characters shown to have been possessed by both an angel and a demon, the other being his father. They are resurrected by Joshua. Sam is repeatedly telling Dean that killing humans is wrong and he does not enjoy the job as much as Dean.

However, something about Sam is strange; he lets Dean get turned into a vampire in order to find a nest. He is resurrected by Michael soon after.

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Sam has phenomenal mental power. At the start of season 6 one year laterSam reveals himself to Dean, and they begin hunting again.

However, he has been repeatedly known to try and back out of hunting in the hope of finally having a normal life as he wanted.

The third is Castiel. However, Dean once stated that despite his own best efforts mentally dating sam winchester be like John; liking the same music, clothes and cars; being the good son, the soldier and the Hunter; Sam always has been and always will be more like John than Dean is.

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Castiel orders him to return the boys back to normal. His constant mention of his past ties with Lucifer heavily implies that Sam wishes to be rid of the archangel once and for all, presumably considering his entire existence as a bane in his own life.

Sam continued to support Jack and found his belief was well put when Jack saved him from being killed by a shapeshifter. In return, the Winchesters agree that a Winchester will die permanently at midnight.

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Sam and Lucifer - Sam is the true vessel of the archangel Lucifer. However, unlike John, Sam has been possessed by an angel and a demon at the same time. Due to his own past of being rejected for his powers, Sam was very sympathetic to the Nephilim Jack.

After being killed by vampires in Apocalypse World, Sam was resurrected once more by Lucifer and reluctantly forged an alliance with his old enemy in light of the situation. Following the reconciliation of the Darkness and GodSam was abducted by agents of the British Men of Letters and tortured.

Sam was repeatedly warned by Dean and Castiel that he was making mistakes, but he disregarded their advice, believing that he was the only one who could stop Lilith from releasing Lucifer.

Dean has respect for Sam as a hunter and trusts Sam to "have his six". Sam was left torn between using Lucifer to help battle the Darkness as Castiel wished and his own traumas and the resulting desire to be rid of the rogue archangel as a result. Once Cass warns him of an impending threat, Sam is worried and decides to focus himself on saving his mother and Jack.

And as a result of his arrogance, Sam ended up being the one to release Lucifer from Hell and begin the apocalypse.

The situation was further exasperated when Lucifer conceived a Nephilim child before his apparent defeat and return to the Cage. Although the scar has healed by now, Sam still presses upon his left palm whenever things get too difficult to believe.

Everything came to a head in All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1when Azazel placed all of the special children in a death match. He made Dean promise to kill him if anything were to happen.

However, after Jack got trapped in Apocalypse World as well, Sam fell into a depression of his own, only lightened when a way was found to rescue Mary and Jack.

Therefore Sam is spiritually years old. In season 12, he took part in defeating the British Men of Letters. Soulless Sam served as the secondary antagonist of season 6. It is later revealed that, whilst his body and mind are not in the Cage, his soul is.

After his soul was reunited with him, Sam again felt great remorse for his actions and spent the rest of the season struggling to make up for what his soulless self had done. Though Lucifer was finally killed by Dean with the help of Michael, the victory was short-lived for Sam after he was forced to watch his brother taken over by Michael who was let loose upon the Main Universe in the body of his one true vessel.

Following the release of The DarknessSam is at a complete loss on what to do. Sam briefly expresses horror when Lucifer reveals that he was the origin of the visions, not God.

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When Jessica was killed, he was pushed back into the hunting life. He is one of the main protagonists of Supernatural. Name Samuel sometimes spelled Samual is a male given name of Hebrew origin meaning either "name of God" or "God has heard".

He was even poised to shoot the unarmed Doctor Hess due to the threat she represented before she was killed by Jody Mills instead.

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It was thought that Sam would be trapped in the Cage forever, but the final show of season 5 reveals that Sam is not in the Cage at all, but on Earth, alive.

Personality Sam is usually kind, empathetic, intelligent and independent. He remained somewhat suicidal, deciding to go with Death if he could promise that no one would be able to get hurt by bringing him back. However, this was quickly reversed.

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He continues to show compassion too, as he gives Magda Peterson support in learning to control her psychic powers which she formerly believed were bad, and again, when he tries to comfort Ellie Grant.

Deaths Throughout the course of the series, Sam has died multiple times. In spite of their bickering, Sam has looked up to Dean since they were children and knows him better than anyone else.

Sam is very mentally strong, evidenced by his ability to overpower possession by Lucifer. He got it restored at some point off-screen as it is seen again in later seasons.