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If other editors can find such evidence to cite, the content should go back into the article. We need published, prominent, independent sources that not only verify the facts but indicate the significance of the issue.

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STOP snooping into my "page history" and back off already Better sources need to be found for this section to stay as it is. I myself even have some myself.

I have a REAL life I am out of here Members can cancel online. The current section relies on one newspaper report about a lawsuit that was match talk dating dropped and blogs and forum postings. I said the floor is all yours Do NOT ever think of antagonizing me again.

If you want to get your own story out start a blog.

Cheerio Worldedixor talk A confirmation email is sent if the process has been successful. You are creeping me out! Whatever you might ask we cannot leave compromised content whilst we wait.

Business Ethics[ edit ] There is significant evidence in the form of complaints that Match.

The floor is all yours I believe something about this should be put in the article. My firsthand experience and the avalanche of the "same" complaints by many bloggers and consumer advocates should indicate the "significance" the questionable practices of match.

This is why you went ahead and reverted for the third time my edits You can find a discussion on how to end your subscription on their advice blog. Matt Thorn talk I ask that no one removes controversies until fully discussed and voted upon in the discussion.

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Enjoy your sorry victory All controversies should be mentioned, not from anonymous IP addresses or blogs, but from established WP editors who want to bring unique content based on legitimate personal experiences. I am taking the liberty of removing uncited claims and editorializing diatribes.

But it appears on WP, all one needs is a gang of 3 wolves one being an Admin with so much time on his hands to sabottage a sincere effort by an established editor. I have reverted to bare bones list as per SH. If members wish to end their subscription, they can follow the online cancellation procedure or call match.

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