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Chilla mas que un camionado de pollos Come mas que 1 serrucho en 1 bollo Every day, he went to his office, switched on his computer and spent seven and a half hours looking at spreadsheets and moving numbers around on them.

Refer to the data model reference for full details of all the various model lookup options. There was a picture of Thierry with his stamp collection. To create and save an object in a single step, use the create method.

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He had his job, after all. He tried to talk to people about his stamp collection. Tiene mas presencia un moco en una corbata. The local newspaper wrote a letter back to Thierry telling him that actually the Queen of England had the biggest stamp collection in the world.

Mas ordinario que bebe con chucha mas ordinario que Biblia fotocopiada mas ordinario que brasier con mangas Mas ordinario que bus con ventilador de techo.

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Mas maluco que una paleta de vomito Mas Maluco que una Tasada de babas If there are no results that match the query, get luv2luv dating sites raise a DoesNotExist exception. Now he saw that his friends were right. Instant chords for any song If you know there is only one object that matches your query, you can use the get method on a Manager which returns the object directly: To create an object, instantiate it using keyword arguments to the model class, then call save to save it to the database.

For more information, see Keyword Arguments in the official Python tutorial. See get for more details.


In this case, it will raise MultipleObjectsReturnedwhich again is an attribute of the model class itself. What could be more interesting than that?

Cuando estas aburrido un sabado For example, to get a QuerySet of blog entries from the yearuse filter like so: Mas Caliente que barriga de parrillero!!!!! For more details on exactly when evaluation takes place, see When QuerySets are evaluated.

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Perhaps he had the biggest stamp collection in the world or perhaps he had a very valuable stamp. Mas Apretado que pedo de visita Mas Apretado que tuerca de submarino Mas Arrugado que cuello de tortuga!!!!!!!!!!! When you do, the QuerySet is evaluated by accessing the database.

But he was an accountant! He wrote a letter to a local newspaper and asked them if they wanted to come and write an article about a local man with the biggest stamp collection in the world.

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Thierry was very sad to learn this, but wrote back to the newspaper, telling them that he thought he had the most valuable stamp in the world. Access it directly via the model class, like so: Mas pesado que un collar de sandias Mas picado que muela de gamin mas prendido que 5 en un caballo.

The save method has no return value. Anda mas que un perro con tres guevas Camina como gallinazo en tejado caliente!!!

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Filters narrow down the query results based on the given parameters. Thierry thought his job was fascinating. No me hagas reir Conoce mas palos que un mico! Mas Aburrido que cajero de peaje Mas aburrido que celador cuidando un lote.

Aburrido = ambos bored y boring... ¿ Es corecto ?

Note that there is a difference between using getand using filter with a slice of [0]. Que para liberar el stress, se peguen Que se peguen para el stress liberar!

To retrieve a single object rather than a list e. Mas Pesado que trasteo de herrero!!!!! Mas Caliente que motor de colectivo.

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La Bala Q hacer cuando estas aburrido yahoo dating. This takes the initial QuerySet of all entries in the database, adds a filter, then an exclusion, then another filter.

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Take a look at this example: That, to relieve stress, stick To be sticking to the stress release! Hombre Aburrido But Thierry was unhappy. See the documentation for save for complete details.

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At least, Thierry thought it was interesting. They wanted stories about the most boring man in the world. Tiene mas futuro pinocho con gorgojo The database API supports about two dozen lookup types; a complete reference can be found in the field lookup reference.