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In many cases it was a much more radiometric dating study place to be in the s than many places we think of as being wild and wolly. San Joaquin County Sheriff Tom Cunningham arrived at the scene of the robbery, and after an inspection of the area -- it showed that the bandit had left a number of items behind including a handkerchief.

Suddenly several in the room drew their guns. Fact is, unlike James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok, Wyatt Earp, and Bat Masterson who were never professional lawmen and primarily made their livings as gamblers and barmen, Harry Morse was the consummate professional lawman.

The next year Charles died at 6 weeks. After all, even from the s to the s when Wild Bill, Bat Masterson, and Wyatt Earp were being made famous for doing a great deal less, Hollywood script writers were no different than the Dime Novelist of the s.

Respected as a fine lawman and investigator in a time when criminal investigation techniques was just being looked upon as a legitimate science, he achieved renown as a relentless and resourceful lawman and man-hunter.

In the months that followed, Morse used all the he had learned about the area to track down this "Human Wildcat. Calmly but swiftly, Morse moved to his horse to retrieve his Henry rifle in.

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He served as a Constable until he was elected Alameda County Sheriff on September 2nd, at the age of Ponce is said to have shot the man and ride away without a soul taking him up on what he had just done.

The killing occurred following a heated argument during a poker game. Vasquez along with outlaws Fancisco Barcena and Garcia Rodriguez had just escaped from a double holdup. Sheriff Harry Morse and a deputy caught up with Ponce a few days after the killing.

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Like others at the time, his thoughts were to get rich as soon as possible. Or more accurately, he was a Far West lawman.

Bolton, the name under which he had been living for years in San Francisco. Morse came from New York as an eager 49er to the gold fields of Northern California.

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They certainly were as civilized as some in the mid-West. At that point, Winchell ran for cover. Again, this was one of the most dangerous and wanted men of that time.

Bowles as the highwayman Black Bart who was robbing stagecoaches in four counties.

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As soon as Morse sensed trouble, Morse drew his pistol and told deputy Winchell to handcuff Soto. Today it is generally restricted to the area West of the Rocky Mountains.

Morse pulled the trigger on his rifle a moment before Ponce could fire his pistol. And yes, Harry Morse is known to have single-handedly captured or killed many them.

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In the 8 year period from toCharles E. Fact is, inhe led an exhaustive search which ultimately resulted in the capture of the notorious Tiburcio Vasquez. The outlaw was on his horse near a hideout near Livermore, California. And though he was often only a moment away from death when tracking some of the most dangerous outlaws in Old West history, he never received as much attention as contemporary Wild Bill Hickok.

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And believe me when I say, only a few others lasted the long. Then when Soto was about feet away, Morse leveled the Henry rifle and fired. While thousands of others had the same dream and were soon disappointed, many leaving California to head back East to where they came from, others like Harry Morse turned to a variety of other jobs for a steadier livelihood.

Great changes in law enforcement techniques, including using better community relations, were coming.

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When Soto ran outside, Morse was close behind. Because of the excitement and gunfire, his horse shied away from him and Soto had to run for the hills.

And frankly, while we may not have heard of Harry Morse, among lawmen he was becoming increasingly respected.

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Morse knew that he had to do something or die, so Morse broke free and fired at Soto. The two lawmen along with a constable scrambled to their horses and rushed toward the Arroyo Cantua.

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Inside were a dozen of his criminal cohorts. Both lawmen opened fire simultaneously, and Morse shot and killed Ponce. With his Henry rifle in hand, Morse followed Soto in his sights. It is a shame that Harry Morse has never gotten the acclaim that he deserves.

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Boles robbed many stages. Then in a fit of anger, Soto rushed toward Morse. Morse spend 14 years as Alameda County Sheriff. Though Vasquez was shot through the chest, believe it or not, he escaped and recovered from his wound.

Narrato Ponce was one of the worst of these outlaws in Morse retired as Alameda County Sheriff in And yes, Old West lawmen like Harry Morse helped introduce those changes to world in need of better law enforcement.