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According to recent studies of Prof. Besides these different varieties, they also mentioned around varieties were cultivated at that time. Though, paleograhists are divided on the pre-Ashoka or post- Ashoka origin of Brhami script, the discovery of nearly two kilos of paddy unite all scientists of agronomy, paddy breeders, historians and create their interest in searching of the origin of paddy.

An unknown interesting fact is that, Tholkaapiyar whose period falls far behind BC, had classified plants, animals and human beings based on their characteristics in his book.

He classified human, animals and plants on the basis of their sense and characteristics. So take a moment and look over the list below of the 12 best free cms options available.

The imports were mostly luxury items such as glass, gold and wine.

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As per the available lughaya online dating during the research on Tholkappiyam, scholars find Tholkappiyar is the first genetic and botanical scientist in the world.

According to Wikipediathey describe a CMS as follows: The time, being taken for deciphering the origin of vrihi has made it a historical conundrum. Arisi root word ari-arisu-arici-ori-orizu-rice.

The previously dated sample was found to be from BC. C,5 but commonly accepted dating is B. Prof Rajan discovered a pot with around two kilos of rice paddy samples sealed in airtight containers.

Sangam was the ancient academy, which enabled Tamil poets and authors to gather periodically to publish their work. Around the urns were bigger, ritual pots and iron implements such as daggers, broken swords, an exquisite spearhead and celts8.

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Concrete5 is an open source content management system. Andrus and Mohammed Porundal is a traditional paddy cultivated area and the encouraging roots of Indus-valley civilization of Dravidian origin by Dr.

It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material HTML documents and their associated images. A broken piece of burial urn had a series of stunning motifs of a tall woman, a sheaf of standing paddy, a crane sitting on the paddy stalk, a deer with straight horns and so on.

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Our further discussion will strengthen this arguments. Nedunchelian, Tholkappiyam was written in B. Although the two applications still share a family resemblance, Frog is charting its own development path.

The authenticity on the varietal name is unique because, they cultivated paddy for more than years as per their tradition and have proven their techniques in terms of paddy irrigation such as a system of Neerkattis — traditional water managers of Tanks and Canals of Tamil Nadu.

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Rajan, a paddy sample was submitted to Beta Analytic Inc. Adichyanallur is situated near the river Tamirabharani in between a huge land of paddy cultivation. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

Does it denote the basic idea of passing it to the next generation? Some might seem really familiar we love wordpress and some others might be new to you. The base of Rice history and cultural evidences years old understanding of genetics and taxonomy of ancient Tamils Tamil is one of the longest surviving classical language and existing for over years in the world.

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Another old grain sample came from Mohenjodaro of Pakistan and dates from about B. Tholkappiyam deals with orthography, phonology, morphology, semantics, prosody and other subject matter of literature, grammar and biological sciences.

Tholkappiyam is written by Tholkappiyar, a great grammarian of the Sangam age. So the date of evolution of Tamil-Brahmi could be pushed years before Asoka. In tracing its evolution, the main reliance will be placed on linguistic and literary evidences.

C," that is 3, years ago. It gives an endless list of awesome features and is definitely worth checking out. There was a pottery industry which consume large quantity of paddy husk. Some varieties to mention here are named after the origin, quality, texture, colour, fragrance, size, shape, duration, and specific location.

Their knowledge on universe, nature, environment, plants, animals and human beings, genetics, classification was magnum opus.

The poems given below are taken from Sangam literature. The rice paddies found in the pottery were from 5th century BC as dated via radiocarbon analysis. Two kilos of paddy samples were contained in air tight pottery engraved with Tamil-Brahmi script6. It is very much clear that the ancient Tamil people had vast knowledge in plant science and other related sciences.

A, assigned the paddy to BCE. The slanting position of the bunch depicts that the paddy were physically matured. Unfortunately, the pre-historic settlements remained in the dark for past many centuries before being discovered by a German scholar in ," 7.

The origin of this wonderful crop and its cultivation history has been a constant theme of search and re-search for not only historians, Plant Scientists but also for sociologists, anthropologists, and other students of cultural studies. It signifies his understanding on leaves, flowers fruits, and its characters.

As we already know, the first and foremost taxonomy and genetics based research findings in written form is on Greek and Latin language around second century.

Here we can view some of his years old conclusions. The trade route taken by ships from Rome to Tamilakam had been described in detail by writers such as Strabo and Pliny, the Elder. As disclosed in an interview with Prof.

Karpoora Vasagan —smells like camphor.

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Tholkappiyam is the foremost and the best grammar book of the Tamil literature. The Chief deity in Tirunelveli, Lord Nellaiyappar is named after paddy. The paddy species belongs to the Oryza sativa confirmed by known archio-botanists which was a preserved cultivated crop.

Bose and other scientists and researches.


The rice sample was dated BC. Later it confined as BC. Historians believed that Marutha Veli was the capital of Pandiya Kingdom before they sworn Madurai as capital. The enormous number on paddy variety mentioned during their meeting leads to a further research on history of paddy and diversity of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil language is the "most natural" iyal-mozhi and also a proto-world language, being the oldest tol- mozhi language of the world, from which all other major languages of the world are derived. Epigraphists have tentatively read the writing as "ka ri a ra va [na] ta.

Being treated as a grammar book in Tamil language, the importance and the contents are ignored even by the Tamil scholars and it never come into the lime light of the world.

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The historical and anthropological traits prove the history of paddy in Tamil Nadu. The ancient plant science and paddy diversity and processing knowledge adds strength to the evidences.