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I press my forehead against the seat in front of me and briefly close my eyes.

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The crowd parts and the van lurches forward. I shake my head. By the time we reached their hut, the woman had escaped, sobbing as she ran by. No one knows how long he had been floating there.

Endless Bummer

She had been pregnant when soldiers gang-raped her and killed her 3-year-old daughter. Following an altercation with a reckless truck driver Tony Longo who tries to run him off the road, Walter gets the man fired.

Habi is quiet for a minute. Seattle-based architect Walter Woods Rob Lowe go…. Despite the professional sheen of moody cinematography, decent production values and an aggressively Bernard Herrmann-esque string score that promises thrills which are never delivered, LIVING IN PERIL is undone by idiotic plotting, an obvious villain, and the irritating stupidity of its lead character.

If you are interested in donating to the relief effort supporting the Rohingya refugees, here is a link to Charity Watch, which rates the various aid groups working in the field: Looking out at the suffering that stretched in every direction, it felt like the world had failed all the Rohingya.

Walter suspects that the fired truck driver is behind it all and calls the police, but they have no evidence and the man has an alibi.

What happened?

My response is immediate: Habi quickly ushers a shirtless teenager carrying the boy into the front seat of our van. We cross the bridge. Sitting and waiting in the van, I silently will this not to become another tragedy for the Rohingya.

Now, nearly a year into the crisis, much of that hope has given way to fears that the world has forgotten them.

'Move, move, move': Racing to save a Rohingya boy in peril

Habi and our driver look at me expectantly. They cross rushing creeks barefoot while balancing piles of tree roots bigger than their bodies atop their heads. About 10 minutes later, a doctor emerges. After a woman Alex Meneses who lives across the hall from Walter turns up dead in his bed, he gets an anonymous phone call from someone threatening to pin the murder on him.

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Our driver leans on the horn and dodges left and right, pushing the van with its broken door to the limit. The medical tents in this part of the camp are unstaffed. We come to a halt before a narrow bridge.

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He is in urgent need of help. We are still waiting for justice. The cousin tells us what little he knows: That these children have managed to survive what the United Nations calls textbook ethnic cleansing in Myanmar and nearly a year in the chaos of the camps feels like a miracle.

The curtain to the tent is drawn shut.

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The closest help is at an emergency clinic, several kilometers away. We race toward the medical tent. Our driver revs the engine, but the van is swarmed by the frantic crowd.

The first doctor keeps pumping his chest.

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As journalists in a crisis zone, we are expected to be observers, not participants. I walk back to the van.

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Walter buys a gun to protect himself and when he returns, sees the truck driver in his hallway and knocks him unconscious. In this Tuesday, June 26,photo, Rohingya refugees walk on a muddy road in the rain through Jamtoli refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Habi hurries over to reason with the drivers. Only the whites of his eyes are visible, but they are flickering. His tiny frame suggests he is just a toddler.

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I tell his cousin to turn him on his side to let water drain from his mouth and keep his airway open. We heard it in the weeping of the woman who was too distraught to notice the army of rats scurrying around her shelter. Her husband fled in the other direction. I pace outside, running the events of the drive over and over in my head.

And though we cannot see his face, we know from his limp body that he is in danger.