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Or if you have worked in theater plays then you must have learned this art. How to learn Japji Sahib Waheguru ji I have been trying to learn Japji sahib since sometime nowbut i get confused with pauri orders.

Once you byheart ,read it fast and aloud. Do post your experiences and suggestions. But listening gives you one more input source to mind besides reading by eyes.

Most of the sikhs simply read it daily from gutka saheb or listen it on audio and then eventually a day comes when feel confident of reciting it without reading it from gutka saheb as well.

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You will learn and improve your pronunciation of these divine sounds and delve into the deeper meaning within each of the 40 sections.

Today, many people are having spontaneous spiritual experiences. Make your own gutka saheb by writing in a full scape page book. I have written the first lines of all of them. Never miss for a day.

Learn Jupji Sahib Online:Mool Mantra & Pauri 1-2

It shows meaning also besides you can always listen to Audio Please feel free to share this post with your friends. This takes time and effort but it will be a lifelong experience. So i planned to arrange and learn all the first lines of pauris so that i can have hint which pauri is coming next.

Listen to japji saheb recited by well known Paathi. In my mobile i have just placed Japji sahib on repeat and it repeats all times when it finishes. After a week,utter it without looking into gutka saheb.

You remember your read syatei hani online dating with dialogue ending of your previous speaker. So this is what i have planned. Japji is made up of 40 remarkable segments where Guru Nanak not only explains the mysteries of the cosmos, but also gives spiritual instruction to achieve the same experience of higher consciousness that he embodied.

Giving hint to myself I have been this method using in my school studies remembering long long answers this is relevant if you studied in India. Click on compiled Banis section. It will help you to remember what you have forgetten and what was that shabad.

His voice has been embedded deep in my heart with memories from as old as when i was 8 years oldit was played in my neighbours place every evening Rehraas Sahib and those memories are still fresh in my mind If you want to get this you can get if from Youtube. Those pages of my personally written Gutka saheb still gets flipped in my mind page by page when I recite it daily.

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I have copied it in my mobile. So what i am going to do is while i see one line i will hide next line from my view and would try to recite it by my heart. The soul is opening up, ready to understand and embrace life in more subtle and profound ways.

Its common saying in Punjabi ratta jaldi bhul janda haiso i want to learn by understanding rather than just mugging them up. Learn Meanings of Japji Sahib I have downloaded the english translation of Japji sahib so that i know what it is written.

Learn Japji Sahib | Discover Sikhism

I would scroll only one line at a timecomparing what was there what i recitedcorrecting my mistakes for recitation and repeating if required. It will help the mind to grasp where to pause and how to listen when you yourself will recite it latter withou any mistakes. Next week, take another pauri and try to memorize in the same manner.

Click on Japji sahib and then show yourself only one line at a time as discussed above. The course teachers are Kundalini Yogis who have been practicing this technology for decades as part of their daily spiritual practice Aquarian Sadhana.

Learn Gurbani

Read japji saheb daily from gutka saheb. Japji is a message of peace and deep spiritual wisdom. I know another Sikh who had memorized 22 Bani by writing it himself. To sub divide the tasks of the world. In each pauri, try to keep atleast two main words in memory to stay focussed on what that pauri talks about.

Learn Japji Sahib

I am going to post progress of this effort also how it goes. Recite each pauri anytime while travelling ,driving or walking alone. Guru Nanak dev ji ne vi likhya hai Vidhya vichari ta paropkari Sanu sab kuch samahj ke vichar ke karna chahida hai One more idea which i have is If you want to mix the steps 2 and 3 i would recommend to use the below Youtube video.

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Note on your notebook where you are doing mistakeso that next time you become extra cautious that you are making mistake there. In this way i would try to make sure i learn all individual pauris with correct recitation. So i am going to make sure i remember each of them correctly.