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The role of the Mormon woman is to be a wife and mother and to obey and honor her priest husband or father. The most authoritative biography of Joseph Smith.

But remember the old saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! NOTES Consider very carefully before you commit yourself, and remember that any doubts you may have now will likely only increase.

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Almost none have been fulfilled, and many cannot now be fulfilled because the deeds to be done by the persons named were never done and those persons are now dead. Here is a summary of important facts about the Mormon church, its doctrine, and its history that the missionaries will probably not tell you.

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Mass exodus from Mormonism? Does all that sound too good to be true? He never completed the translation, but he identified the plates as an "ancient record," and translated enough to identify the author as a descendant of Pharaoh.

Only one candidate for each office will be voted on the one "called by God". They probably do not know all the facts themselves. We give service in the church through our callings. Nor does the Book of Mormon mention many of the features of the civilizations which really did exist at that time in the Americas.

The present president of the church is a "prophet, seer and revelator" just as Joseph Smith was, and guides the members of the church through revelations and guidance from God.

We should not pray to Jesus, nor try to feel a personal relationship with him. NOTES Ineight years after he supposedly had been told by God himself to join no church, Smith applied for membership in a local Methodist church. Mormon Expression Podcasts More interviews.

Originally by James David. From that journey came her book "Covenant Motherhood: They were led by God from their original homes in the Near East to America.


However, the accounts of these visitations are contradictory and questionable. Listen to the stories of those who have been through an unhappy Mormon experience, not just those Mormons who may speak glowingly of life in the church.

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Brodie is a well recognized historian. They were accompanied by many "angels," which are not mentioned in the official version you have been told about. Their testimonies are printed in the front of every copy of the Book of Mormon.

NOTES Joseph Smith claimed to have received the priesthood the only valid priesthood recognized by God directly from resurrected beings angels: NOTES To get more information about the other side of Mormonism, or to see the evidence supporting any of our statements about the church, feel free to contact us.

The members who perform these jobs, even those involving sensitive pastoral counseling, receive no formal training whatsoever there is no paid, trained clergy.

The LDS church has spent millions of dollars over many years trying to prove through archaeological research that the Book of Mormon is an accurate historical record, but they have failed to produce any convincing pre-columbian archeological evidence supporting the Book of Mormon story.

He succeeded in selling the church thousands of dollars worth of manuscripts which he had forged. To mention only a few: NOTES Although Joseph Smith said that God had pronounced the completed translation of the plates as published in "correct," many changes have been made in later editions.

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Why was this event, now said by the church to be so important, unknown for so long? The Keystone of Mormonism" by Arza Evans, - excellent summary of many problems with Mormonism, by a former Mormon.

Although most Mormons who have not received the endowment know very little about the ceremony, the entire liturgy is now available on the Internet to Mormon and non-Mormon alike.

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We promise not to preach at you, but only to provide you with facts to balance the Mormon story. They were accompanied by many "angels," which are not mentioned in the official version you have been told about.

This book is a good summary of the contradictions and problems of Mormonism. It also contradicts the later account as to whether Smith had already decided that no church was true.